Full Version: testing 1.1.8 - Game Center sandbox or GC real
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As I download the freshest bits, I'm wondering if SO can be tested with a live game center account or if we are all still using beta/sandbox accounts for GC.

I beta tested another app that figured out how to let people switch between beta and live, but they ran their own servers for the turns instead of using GC to pass the data.

It still used GC for matching and achievements I believe, but I didn't need to sign out of game center or coordinate different friend lists...
Looks like the signup says sandbox...

So - hit me up as beta_mike in GC for games.
SO still uses GC to pass turn data so it is still limited to sandbox.
How does one invite a known friend (nic) in Sandbox?
Open the Apple GC app and sign out. Then open the SO BETA app and sign in when prompted. Then go back to the Apple GC app (your "me" icon on the bottom should have a "sandbox" label on it) and invite your friend.
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