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OK. I`m generally not writer type and my english also not very good. But I`ll write some tutorial for early expansion and management for people who not cusom with this type of game and really need some general direction. It may not perfect but will enough for survive in easy difficulty.

1. First, Start new game with default setting (Medium/Single AI/Easy) and Choose this case Human.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bb7ecbca.png]
This is what game looks like at beginning. I have a home system with multiple planet inside and handful of basic ships.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bb8839c1.png]
You`ll notice there are 2 scout frigates in fleet orbiting your homeworld. scouts have additional fuel so they can fly further from your colony then other ships in fleet.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bb93cd14.png]
When select a ship(or ships) you can see some of far stars from ship is fade out. they are out of reach for now. You can research fuel tech or add some extra fuel tank in there design to make ship fly further.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bb9cadae.png]
Let`s start with scouting surround systems to find some good planet for expand. select each scout ship from fleet and order to move nearest stars.

3. Now select a research project for scientist.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bbd5acd7.png]
I choose hydroponics for gain extra food that make me convert surplus famers to worker or scientist for greater good Smile

4. Let`s see Empire section.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bc6c0e93.png]
It seems like I have 2 surplus food right now. What I need right now is more research power to make hydroponics research breakthrough quickly.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bc74e31c.png]
So I convert every worker to scientist on my home planet and trasfer 1 farmer to Rigel III as worker so It can build Research Center I(that improve my research rate) more fast.

About food...If a colony harvest more food then it needs surplus food will automatically transfer to other colonies that make less food then it`s demand. You can see this transfered food as darker food icon. Red food icon means shortage of food supply of course.

5. Time to end my first turn! After a moment, turns are pass automatically untill something important happen. In this case my scout reach her destination.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bc7e3cd7.png]
A wormhole! You can move your ship through wormhole to it`s other end with single turn regardless how far it is.

Now time to scan some planet for colonize.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bc884d92.png]
looks like this desert ball is suitable for my first colonization. It`s large size can hold multiple strutures for various improvement and populations(but it`s desert condition prevent maxium pop cap by 5 now) and have ok mineral capacity for start. Normal gravity means I`ll have no gravitiy penalty that reduce colony`s production capability.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bc91f4dd.png]
Let`s send a Colony ship to colonize and wait some turns pass.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bec30b9e.png]
While waiting one of my scout reach her destination and found some precious technology! I feel lucky from start.

[Image: c0016999_4e966becc2f61.png]
This system looks no use for me..Only two gas giants in orbit and they can`t least now.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bed54c6c.png]
OK. Finally my colony ship enter Leo system. Let`s colonize Leo Prime now.

I have 1 surplus food and need some industrial boost for my new colony.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bedd53c8.png]
So I convert a farmer to a worker on my new colony for get some industrial output. There are no food produce in this colony now but surplus food from my homeplanet will transfer automatically.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bee6074a.png]
Thanks to my new colony, my ships can reach more stars from it`s vicinity now. Lets expand out scout range further.

10. Turns passed and...WOW.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bf25fe6e.png]
I got FREE COLONY! Now I feel I`m extreamly lucky.

But this happy event make my empire shortage of food thanks to huge number of people join us without prepare..
[Image: c0016999_4e966bf6d5350.png]
Let`s manage this food crisis by convert 1 scientist to worker in home planet Rigel Prime.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bf765152.png]
Now my empire have enough food for live. Thanks god.

[Image: c0016999_4e966bf7e1ca5.png]
After Hydroponics researched, my nexy choice is Factories that will lead my empire to industrial revolution.
See the color button in tech list. When you research a tech from certain field, techs in that field lose some..interest point. When you lost all interest in certain tech they will disapear and replace by other tech. Green means you have fully interested in this tech. Yellow means moderate, and Red means you`ll lost this tech when you finish your next tech of that field.
In my case I`ll lose Advanced City Planning tech when I finish my factory project. I`m OK with that however.

12. Let`s build hydroponics on my worlds.
[Image: c0016999_4e966bf87ab99.png]
To accel build process I change a scientist to a worker.

[Image: c0016999_4e966c4bd1014.png]
Another turns passed...WTH SPACE MONSTER! They`ll attack anything and mostly orbiting some valuable things..
[Image: c0016999_4e966c4d78593.png]
in this time Precious metals.
Let`s look pre-battle preparation.
[Image: c0016999_4e966c4c56b8e.png]
Looks like there are 4 dark matters exist and have some serious short range firepower.
[Image: c0016999_4e966c4cccea1.png]
There is no chance my scout ship survive this but at least I can try to set my ship evasive for some miracle happen. Poor soul. Go back and end turn.

[Image: c0016999_4e966c4df14da.png]
I lost my scout. I`ll revenge later.

[Image: c0016999_4e966c4e7af9b.png]
To accelrate progress I spend some money on my hydroponics projects to make it build instantly. Usually you don`t need money for build something. That`s why industrial output is so important. More industrial output colony have it can make buildings and ships faster(and FREE or charge). But when you need something very fast you can put some money on it to build instantly.

[Image: c0016999_4e966c4f08fd7.png]
May be more money is better. After finishing research factories I choose Tax Collectors tech.

[Image: c0016999_4e966c66845d5.png]
Transfer some colonist from Rigel Prime to Leo Prime for accelerate building factory. It take some turns to transfer because they are not in same system.
[Image: c0016999_4e966c6791d28.png]
Also set a colony to Economic fundings so it can produce extra money for use later.

[Image: c0016999_4e966c62d64ec.png]
Now time for more expand. Let`s start research Improved Fuel Cells for my ships!

That all for now. To be continued...may be when I have some serious free time to spend.
Thanks! I cross-posted this on a couple other forums, I think people will find it helpful.
I appreciate you taking the time to do write this.. enjoyed reading it Smile

Dark Matter kicked my butt badly.. with your tutorial I now understand what the firepower graphs mean.

Here is part 2

[Image: c0016999_4e97f6a03f3a3.png]
Several turns are passed and now I got Improved Fuel Cells that can catapult my ships into deep space. I`ll send my scout to yellow star at left edge.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f69e220dc.png]
Then I que Nuclear missile tech for research that will give me some serious firepower to killing those space monsters.


[Image: c0016999_4e97f6a0da59f.png]
OK..I discoverd some alien ruins and a new tech that I missed opportunity for factory tech. Great...wait another space monsters?!

21. Needless to say my scout didn`t make it. It`s time for real revenge for those monsters. After breakthrough missile tech I decide build 4 fleets of brand-new cutting-edge ships for my monster nemesis. But before build a ship you must design her first.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6b2db2e1.png]
Let`s go to military screen then tap Ship designer.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6b39973c.png]
Before you design a ship you must think her purpose seriously. This time I`ll design my ship for fighting against space monsters. They have super powerful short range firepower so close combat is not valid option here. I`ll use my newly invented Nuclear Missile for Off-range strike. Missiles have very long range and excellent firepower but There is one serious drawback..can only fire 5 shots per battle. Think about speed..if enemy is faster then my ship I can`t maintain safe distance from there weapon. SO I`ll choose Frigate hull for my new missile ship. They are FAST and also Cheapest hull in this game.
Press NEW for new frigate and add 2 missiles. I don`t put any armor because for small ship like this armor didn`t give any meaningful amount of bonus(It also cost me more time or money to build) and I`ll not order my ship move close enough to take shots from those monsters. Lastly choice a name you want (Artillery of Warmth in this case..good for missile boat I think) then tap done.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6b793c84.png]
I start build total 4 new frigates on my 2 most industrial focused colonies.

[Image: c0016999_4e97f6b1d3f8c.png]
Several turn passed and my brand new armada finally completed with 4 new missile frigates and 1 old(?) destroyer that exist from start. Let`s do what I must do..set course to the monsters!

24. OK. It`s time for do some tactics.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c3df1f0.png]
I order my frigate evasion and tartget closest ship. Frigates will run away from enemies with its excellent speed but still can fire on them with extream long range missile barrage.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c48c2bb.png]
After choose order tap "+ALL FRIGATES" button to assign same order for rest of frigates.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c51d1b7.png]
Then I gave my Laser armed destroyer to "Tanker" role by give her keep long range and weakest ship order. She will Chase weakest monster with her laser and still trying to avoid danger close combat situation.
After finish tactical choice tap done and end turn.

25. Moment of truth.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f942d562d.png]
Start-turn News will spoil your joy of watching tactical real-time battle to thrilling conclusion Smile So let just see actual combat here.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c6af1ca.png]
As planed, my frigates start fire missile volleys to enemy while running away from there weapon range. Enemies trying to intercept them but they are slower and my destroyer`ll block there path.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c6af1ca.png]
Missile barrage successfully manage to disable 3 of them but now there is no ammo left. It`s 1vs1 duel now. Destroyer trying to evade enemy weapon range and strike continually with its 3 laser beam.
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c7456b7.png]
The final beautiful boom!
[Image: c0016999_4e97f6c81c25f.png]
It`s complete victory as planed lol. Good job people.
You know..I want do fix some of spelling error and wrong screenshots but this forum didn`t support more then 10 image per post..It prevent me edit my post because I add around 30 images per post by reply my own 10 image post 3 times. Kind of frustration OTL
Bailknight, you are my hero!
Love this tutorial, thanks for putting it together! I especilly enjoy your take on the English language. You may not be proficient, but you make up for it with enthusiasm!
I have a question on you moving your colonists to other worlds. When do you know it's a good idea to do so? What happens to the world that the colonists left, will you regain the colonists in that world when your population grows? I notice the homeworld is full in population, if I transfer a worker to a new colony and let it grow back to 16, is that a good idea? Thanks.
(11-22-2011 07:39 AM)Kiel Wrote: [ -> ]I have a question on you moving your colonists to other worlds. When do you know it's a good idea to do so? What happens to the world that the colonists left, will you regain the colonists in that world when your population grows? I notice the homeworld is full in population, if I transfer a worker to a new colony and let it grow back to 16, is that a good idea? Thanks.

When you look at the empire screen, it shows something like 3/4 Population (+40k) (something like that, not in game atm). The +40k there is the rate your population grows at. Each population (the 3/4 or whatever numbers for a given planet) is 1 million colonists. So at +40k growth, it'll take 25 turns for you population to go up to 4/4. If you have a world with full population (like your homeworld) ad send a colonist away, then yes, it'll continue to grow again until the planet is once again full.

I regularly send colonists to new worlds when I colonize new planets. I'll typically take one from the highest pop planet I have (or two or more depending ont he planet) and send them to the new planet to get it ramped up earlier. I also like to pull them off full planets and send them to others to get my population maxed faster. (half full planets and half growing planets will be a lot slower than all 3/4 full planets for example since you'll have more planets growing at a time)
Is hull size the only determinant on the speed of your ship? Or does how much stuff you put on it also have an effect?
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