Full Version: The Big List of Replays
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This thread is for people to link their replay threads so we have a single place people can go to find them all once they've gotten lost in the shuffle and pushed own off the first page.

All discussion should take place in the separate thread for the replays, this thread is just for the links so people can find them.

FYI for anyone who wants to upload from their phone/ipad as opposed to loading it onto a computer and doing it from there: The YouTube Capture app is the best way to do so. It allows you to select what channel you want to upload to and gives you the option of uploading at full 1080p resolution. When using the Share button in the Photos app to upload to youtube, it jsut uploaded to my base account (instead of the naval tactics channel i created) and only did 720p resolution.
Aroesner vs. Sirius: Arena Battles - Several arena battles, fighting over the right to be called Admiral of the Fleet.
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