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I'd like to request that the volume on the "Your Turn" notification be lowered. It's currently significantly louder than all the other notification sounds on my devices. I don't want to have to completely disable the notification sound, but I may have to as it's getting disruptive.

I can see why some would like a loud sound to wake up their teammates though, so perhaps a way to adjust the volume?
Yes, I agree with this.
Had an unpleasant experience yesterday. I hooked my iPhone up to my automobile so I could play my music. Cruisin' down the road with my tunes pretty loud... then "Ka-BOOM" got a turn notification and nearly blew my speakers and eardrums out! Made me wince and almost jerked the wheel.

For safety's sake, I set my iPhone's Settings->Notification Center->Orion->Sounds to off

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It's been 3 years. My estimation is that it needs to be cut about 50%. Several discussions with Roc (in various threads, beta chats, etc...) haven't resulted in even a test of a lower volume notification. Most of us long term players have just shut the volume off of the notification, because it is obnoxiously loud compared to the rest of iPhone apps, and will literally shake you if you are plugged into your car stereo listening to music. But thanks for raising the issue again with your feedback. Shy

(Sorry if it comes off as blunt Roc, please don't be offended. I know this is really low on your priority list of things to tinker with. Sending a virtual hug Heart)
I think the volume was reduced a couple patches back though, by roughly half. Before that it sounded like firing a canon ball in your bedroom... If I left it at full volume glasses would vibrate on my time the device vibrated so ferociously it knocked a water bottle off the desk resulting in a second loud thud. Sometimes if I wasn't expecting late at night, it would wake me up and I would wonder if a car had hit the house or there had been an earthquake?! Until I disabled the notifications it would cut off any music, etc to shout at you "IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!!!"
For anyone that has difficulty to fall back asleep after being woken up in the middle of the night, forgetting to put the tablet into 'Do Not Disturb' mode meant waking up in shock and losing the rest of the night's sleep and the next day with a severe headache. It is more than just the volume... it is the sound itself also. This is a stress/anxiety inducing sound. I have had no problems with other notifications just nudging me barely awake and being able to shut it off and go back to bed. It is literally a rude awakening. It got me twice before I had to turn off the sound for the alert permanently.

Imagine forgetting the tablet on the end table while Grandma is over visiting and suddenly having to worry that she might go into cardiac arrest from the startling sound. I can honestly say that while I really enjoy the game, I despise this sound and it gets old. I would like to be able to have an audible notification for this game to keep up on turns better, but just cannot.

This all may seem exhaggerated to persons less sensitive to loud or alarming noises, but to me it is not exhaggerated at all... it is an irresponsible choice that is long overdue for a fix.

Just read this from Apple's guidelines:

"You can supply a custom sound, or you can use a built-in alert sound. If you create a custom sound, be sure it’s short, distinctive, and professionally produced. (To learn about the technical requirements for this sound, see Preparing Custom Alert Sounds.) Note that you can’t programmatically cause the device to vibrate when a notification is delivered, because the user has control over whether alerts are accompanied by vibration."

I guess Roc figured out how to get past that inability to make the device vibrate according to some of the posts I read here, but I don't think that is what he was going for!
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