Full Version: board and reboard and reboard, but never boring
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I'm not a big fan of G+/YouTube, but if someone else wants to upload this feel free.

Roc - you'll probably want to step through this game move by move if possible to count crew boards. I kept wondering if we were ever going to run out of manpower.

Some things that would be awesome on the replay.

- call out board that fail or are successful (similar to the captain cards but smaller?)
- count up the shots/damage for each side
- line up dead ships like chess pieces that are captured on each side
- victory point scores / sparklines showing the progress

On the final summary - it would be nice to show the original flag for ships that are captured and on the final side under a different flag. You could even list tick marks for multiple captures - like oak leaf clusters signifying multiple awards of the same military award/medal/ribbon.
I do not know what you mean, but I just know that this mod already exists and I do not know whose idea it was. I just thought it cool and wanted to post it.
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