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Here is a list of tips I put together. Please feel free to add more! Some of these are just points rather than actual tips but are things that may not be obvious for new players.

In no specific order:
1) There are 3 debuffs, you have a chance of getting one whenever there is damage to the crew. If your crew health falls below the minimum to sail your ship, you get all 3 for the rest of the game, otherwise they are just in effect for 1 turn. These are ship specific.
- Officer Struck = cannot play captain's cards on that ship
- Sailor Killed = Can not set a crew focus
- Gunnery Crew Shaken = Drastic loss of accuraucy

2) Pay attention to the wind. you get the most movement points sailing at a slight angle to the wind. When engaging, you want to be facing so you have maneuverability and you opponent does not. The larder ships take more movement points to turn. Ships of the line, 3, Frigates, 2, and the smaller ships 1. Big ships might be able to move fairly far in a straight line if they have the wind but they are a bast to get to make a u-turn. Smaller ships can take advantage of this.

3) Your ships can fire off of both sides on the same turn. You can only reload one side at a time, but you can fire them both at once.

4) Captain cards stack. Use combos. Hold the line and Volatile powder for a huge damage bonus!

5) everyone is a game gets to chose 3 cards from 6 (of a total of 9) selected randomly. Everyone playing gets the same 6 to chose from. No one is going to get a card others did not also get an opportunity to get.

6) Speaking of maneuverability, it is quite effective to limit the mobility of your opponent. Bar and chain shot can take out sails and masts. If you look at your health, there is a bar at 20%, anything below that and you cannot move or turn.

7) Sails and masts can be repaired with the repair crew focus.

8) Capturing. This is tricky and took me a while to figure out the process.
Step 1 - Get the target ship to the <20% sail mark
Step 2 - maneuver into an adjacent hex
Step 3 - next turn, tap on the target ship and you will be given an option to board
- You can only board if your crew health is above the minimum (the line on the health bar). Your sailors each have a 50% chance to kill a sailor, so the odds are even, so make sure you have more sailors than your target ship, by a lot. For larger ships, this can take several turns and the target ship can repair enough sails to move away during this time. This is difficult but the reward is you take over the ship and start using it to shoot back at the folks you took it from!

9) most times it is better to just sink it. Smile

10) you can't shoot through sinking ships. use them to block incoming fire, giving you a chance to get into a better position. It will eventually sink, there is a number indicating how many turns this will take on the sinking ship.

11) Formations are king! nothing like a wall of cannon 5 frigates long.

12) attack the end of formations! They are difficult to maneuver and keep together and the ships in the line cannot shoot through each other.

13) grape shot has double effect when firing against the stern of your target

14) if you are not planning on moving much this turn and you are getting fired on, tab the battle sails button to add defense to your sails. Also if you are not moving much, change your crew focus to something other than sailing.

15) clicking on an enemy ship will show you their firing arcs as well as all their stats and current debuffs. Use this to help you get into the best position.

16) in regards to firing arcs as displayed, you will get an additional outline for each set of guns that can fir on that spot. For example, ships of the line have 3 banks of cannon. the hexes closest to their broadsides have 3 outlines. Stay out of those Smile
thanks for this! awesome job
This is a great idea! Here's a list from me, I tried to give credit if I added a piece of advice someone told me in chat or in game or if its copied from a trick you pulled on me. Smile

You can scroll to find more equip options for your ships on iPod/iPad. (Credit: EMP)
(I thought there was only 4 for the longest time. Lol)

You get more victory points for boarding ships. Useful to sway the odds if you're at the end of the time limit. (Credit: Lots of people)

Bounties are useful roadblocks. Putting one in front of a lines path will cause frontal damage to an enemy fleet as all his ships run into each other from your traffic jam. Straddling your line to either side when close to an enemy bounty can sometimes be an effective evasion tactic.

You only need one merchant to win merchant game. Sometimes it may be nessecary to sacrifice one for mission success.

Double shot isn't better then single at its farthest range. Be sure to check damage scores by clicking in the percentage number. Doing the math when calculating damage can be very useful.

If you're about to lose your sails aim your ship where it has the best fire arc. (Credit: Sirius)

Set your sails to battle sails when speed and agility aren't nessecary. That setting can play a HUGE role in protecting your sail for when you do need it. (Credit: Rocco)

Island Bays aren't cool fortresses. Often they're funnels for the enemy's cannons. (A lesson I learned the hard way.)

Bounties can block a 1 hex wide island channel halting a surprise attack. (Credit: Sirius)

Sail shots slow down a vessel, but ultimately you have to either sink it with real shells or board it.

Cards played right can turn a battle. Another combo is Iron Will + Improvised Armor to save that wounded ship and bring it back in the fight.

Generally, you can't repair faster then the enemy can shoot. Even fixing Sails.

Don't fall into a predictable pattern, your opponent will see it and capitalize on it, but don't sail like a lunatic either. Just try to keep changing things up a bit.

Be Psychic. Just like in Chess you must look ahead, try to predict what your opponent will do and have in mind what you want to do.
Nice round-up of tips there Troy Smile
(08-11-2014 05:25 AM)rocco Wrote: [ -> ]Nice round-up of tips there Troy Smile

Thanks roc, just glad to help! Smile
that was a nice little lesson seriously in 6 or 7 years of riding i never knew that.
well then we now have fs airs and why they aint fs indys added to the trick tips
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