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Post replays of your high stakes arena matches here Smile

To start off, where is Gosenbach vs Peener93

Quite a stressful battle. He had 4 Vanguards in formation, I had 2 Vanguards and some smaller ships equipped with extra sailors intents on capturing some of his ships. I began by attempting to box in Peener93, that is, until the wind changed.... This went almost the full 40 rounds.
Yikes, that was crazy!
This was a great match that hung on a razor's edge to the last turn. I know we both thought it was possible that we could lose/win and it was difficult to know what decisions to make in the melee. We messaged throughout and I can say that gosenbach is a great opponent! We both learned a lot about the game mechanics, such as fire/board/capture priorities; which made the difference at several key points along the way. This will be instructional to those who want to know more than can be found in the How to Play...enjoy!

Haha! That looked like a lovely, nail-biting brawl.
Arena match Roc vs Elph: looked like my decision to bring boarding ships was in error, but they came through in the end.
Gosenbach vs Bmike in the arena. The fight kicked off with a colision between the fleets when we both rounded the end of an island at the same time.

We both lost a Vanguard in the very first volley.
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