Full Version: Latest version crashing
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Hi there

I have updated to the latest version of Orion to use on my iPad2 and no sooner I set up a game to play, the app crashes. This occurs every time.

I even uninstalled and then re-installed to no avail.

Running IOS 7.1.1

Can some one please assist?

Cheers and thanks

When exactly does it crash for you? If its after you've creating the game, can submit the game as a bug report so we can try and reproduce the crash here?

To do so, go to the credits screen (tap the "i" on the main menu), then tap on the version text at the bottom of the screen. This will open an email with your games attached, type your issue into the email and hit send.
Will do and yes, it is after you create the game and hit the arrow key to continue

After getting the latest version my app on my iPhone6 crashes all the time now. It's usually when I am well into the game my most recent game crashes around 463.3. I have tried closing and opening the app, restarting my phone, reloading the app. No effect. It is getting really frustrating. Any ideas?

Thank you
My solo games crash whenever the cloud isn't accessed, which isn't consistent, most of the time it uses the cloud, but if it doesn't, it bombs.
Yeah it crashes for me when starting a game
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