Full Version: How the heck do you fire
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Wow, what a anti-intuitive interface. No detailed instructions and no walkthroughs with any information.

I cannot even figure out how to fire my guns. Loaded with roundshot and have a ship in red then nothing. If I tap the enemy ship it just changes to that ship. If I tap on the unexplained circle in four segments above the ship, it again goes to the other ship info. If I try to end the turn it says "You still have ships that can fire, do you really want to end the turn".

No, I want to fire but there is no button that says anything like "Fire".

Want to like this game but has been very frustrating.
Your ships will execute their movement and firing orders after you end your turn. So, when you enter your desire to move a ships you see the line drawn on the water. When you select a target to shoot at, the red floating target will be shown above that ship. When you end your turns, ships will first fire their cannons as per your orders, then will move as per your orders.

There is also a button on the right you can use to toggle between showing movement lines, and showing firing lines; helps visualize which ships are firing on which ships.
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