Full Version: Add Player Color/Name to diplomacy hologram?
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To save a lot of the second-guessing I do as I tap back in and out of the diplomacy hologram screen to make sure I'm gifting/demanding to the correct player (especially in games where multiple players choose the same race portrait), I always thought it would be nice to have the player's name and color represented on the diplomacy hologram screen.
Below is my very poor Photoshop attempt at illustrating the concept:
[Image: SO1_Diplomacy_Color_1%20%28Medium%29.jpg]
In this case, I'm in talks with the yellow player, so the circle is shaded yellow, and the player's name would go at the top.
Honestly a bright yellow circle would be pretty distracting. The text color might be better since I always have to be careful that I'm not gifting all tech to my enemies.
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