Full Version: Strategy for "Naval Duel"
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Hi Everyone!

I'm brand new to this game and trying to figure things out. Thought that the AI mission called "Naval Duel" would be a good place to start. 1 on 1.

I think I've got the UI figured out, just looking for some advice on how to win this mission because I'm seriously getting slaughtered.

The AI seems to constantly out-maneuver me, and I can't seem to get an advantage in damage.

Any tips would be much appreciated! I'll keep trying but its getting a little frustrating Confused
Just got my first victory on Naval Duel!!

So this game is really pushing on position! Seems like that needs to be priority 1 -in this mission at least.
Its all about clicking on the enemy to see their moment options for next turn and then trying to predict and position yourself out of their fire arcs.

Trying fancy stuff like focusing on sails or crew was netting me nothing.
Takes too long to disable them. Focusing on hull damage (round/double shot) seems to be the games preference.

Anyway hope that helps anyone else who was having a hard time with this one! Would love to hear other's experiences!
Definitely positioning is a key component in all of the missions; as it was in naval actions throughout history. In this game particularly, trying to anticipate your opponent's move prior to them making it is important (are they going to reposition to fire on my damaged side? Do I take that into account and plan my move in relation to where I *think* they're going to move?).

Going directly for crew is generally only advisable after demasting in preparation for boarding. In both 1v1 and in larger fleer actions, demasting is often more achievable when using captain cards (you can think of using Shred Sails combined with Volatile Powder to make an opponent immobile in one round of close range fire).
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