Full Version: Server(s) down?
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I had notification that it was my turn in a few games, after I click on multiplayer I get a fundamentally blank screen (it has the dividing line, the return arrow thingy and the + and - signs but nothing else).

Then after quite a while I get a message "The request timed out."

My iPad 1 does have current internet connectivity via other apps, so it doesn't seem to be at my end.
Same for me Karlsen, it is not only you
I have the same problem, it seems that like you sad, the server is down
Server is definitely down. None of my games are appearing, nor are those for any of my opponents in those games.
should be back up now.
It is! And in the nick of time. My poor fleet commanders were very worried about how they were going to plan a crucial battle.

Thank you, Rocco.
seems the servers are down again ?
(03-15-2016 06:56 PM)Tiboloid Wrote: [ -> ]
seems the servers are down again ?

Yes, it would seem that they were, but they were back after a while.
It seems that serveur is down, I can't login, does enybody else have the same pb?
m2, can't see the mp-game list now since hours : (
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