Full Version: The Christmas Party
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After the finish or summer marathon I would like to invite you to take part in another amazing battle called "The Christmas Party".

We have the following options:

1. 1v1
2. team 2,3,4
3. FFA

Please advise what kind of action you prefer that time.

Just leave your name and vote for one of three options.
1v1 because it's fastest for for to take turns.
Be open to FFA and Team Challenges.
Maybe Round 4 is an FFA or Team challenge
1v1 preferred.
2v2 second option.
No to FFA. The games just take too long to have a tournament with multiple FFA rounds.
I'm in. 1v1 is choice of mine Smile
2 v 2
1 v 1
Count me in. Will play anything.
I'm into any type of game.
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