Full Version: Need 8 players for an anti-rush game with experimental rules: No starbases
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Caution: this will be a very slow game.

Early empire.
Random galaxy.
Eliptical galaxy.
Massive galaxy.
8 player FFA
Monsters: on
Specials: off
Leaders: tourney (I will ban Cerberus.)
AI: easy without bonuses (to quickly remove a rule-breaking computer player)
Wormholes: off(?)
Spying(?): to be determined in game chat via a vote
Timer: 24 hours

Special Rules:

Forbidden technology:

-Starbases cannot be built. (Don't even research it.)
-Star drives cannot be researched.
(To keep the game slow and tech centered.)

Forbidden racials:
-Brilliant researchers isn't allowed (to prevent accidentally getting forbidden technology.)
-Sanctioned piracy isn't allowed (it lets the game snowball too hard.)
-Fantastic engineers isn't allowed (you'll see why.)
-You may choose only 1 of these 2 military traits:
Battle hardened; combat pilots (To prevent a rush.)

Ships Are Hard to Build!
-You cannot build new frigates. (All ships must be destroyer class or larger.)
-You cannot scrap ships (So you have no way of repairing your ships until you get shields!)
-You cannot upgrade ships. (Choose your config carefully!)

All monsters are now lethal landmines
-You cannot retreat or disengage from monsters
-You cannot choose any setting other than "keep close range" when you fight a monster. So if a monster attacks you and your ship(s) can't kill it, then you are very dead. (Space is dangerous, so explore very carefully!)

You only get one homeworld
-Capturing a second homeworld is not allowed.
-If you manage to blockade a homeworld for 5 consecutive turns then the other player must delete the planets at his home system, and delete the rest of his remaining colonies. His homeworld is now considered irradiated and may not be colonized by anyone.

(This is to let other players come back while enforcing a defeat. If the player is an AI or doesn't comply, then you may capture the planet and then delete it. The defeated player can leave his ships alone for fun, but he must delete his remaining colonies and quit the game.)

I'll start the game in the spacebar once I have 8 players. Cya there?
We added a few rules in the pre-game chat to further stimulate a Cold-War buildup:

Temporary Detente Treaties:
-No building colony ships until stardate 406.

-No attacking until stardate 412.
(If two ships meet between 406 and 412 they must retreat or disengage. No colonizing enemy systems during that time, and if a colony ship moves toward a star where there is ship, then it is the responsibility of the military ship to move away from the system. And no building any troop ships until 412.)

-Clarification: Fuel cell research is not restrticted and can be done at any time.
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