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This is a place to consolidate and share player tips. If you have any pearls of wisdom, feel free to post them here.

Rules: No more than one sentence per tip, keep them as concise as possible.

Purpose: To consolidate a good number of one sentence pro tips to help new players improve their game. These will lead to eventual inclusion in the game, as either pop-up tips or its own section in the manual. They will always stay as a sticky on the forum.

I will consolidate all post in this thread and update this first post with all tips!

General Tips
  • Exploration is dangerous, scout unexplored star systems using inexpensive frigates.
  • Unescorted colony and troop ships are easily destroyed by combat ships in the same system.
  • High food production will free up farmers to be used for other task.
  • Armor modifications are a cheap way to improve a ship's combat longevity.
  • Having more ships than your command points allow for will incur maintenance costs.
  • Make custom build focuses to reduce micro management of planets
  • Be prepared! Maintain a large fleet that uses up your available command points.
  • Espionage can be an effective tool to supplement your research pool.
  • Sabotage can hurt an enemy's ability to deploy ships.
  • If you cannot save a planet from being captured, evacuate your colonists before it becomes blockaded.
  • You can scrap buildings for Galactic Credits, which is especially useful if the planet may soon be captured.
  • Usually you only need one Agent Training Camp in your empire.
  • Be careful trying to build everything, as maintenance costs could bankrupt a young empire.
  • If you discover a space monster early in the game, try to retreat.
  • Always review your ship general settings before combat.
  • Hi-tech star drives can allow you to out position your opponents.
  • Tie up enemy fleets long enough of reinforcements to arrive by setting your ships to evasion.
  • Position picket ships at the edges of your empire to allow surveil enemy movements.

Multiplayer Tips
  • Custom races are the most competitive option for multiplayer matches.
  • When coordinating attacks with an ally, use current and future star dates as guides to make sure you arrive on time.
  • Use "Skip Idle Turns" to speed up the pace of multiplayer games.
  • Smart use of custom build order can speed up games when used with "skip idle turns"
  • Skip idle turns will stop as soon as your empire detects an incoming fleet, providing you a chance to react.
  • If an incoming enemy fleet can get to your planet in a single turn, then you won't have time to react so plan ahead.
Ships do not cost maintenance until you are over your Command Point cap.
Ships only start costing maintenance once you are over your Command Point limit.
Always use a custom race, stock races can't keep up with a good custom.
Armor is your friend.
(03-22-2012 04:32 AM)Shep Wrote: [ -> ]Armor is your friend.

Use your command points, you've got them for a reason.
Spying can be an effective tool to supplement your research pool.

Spying can aid in sabotaging the enemies ability to deploy ships.
Evacuate your planet(s) before a dominant invading fleet arrives.
Before evacuating your planets, sell/scrap as much buildings as possible.

Usually you don't need more than one 'Agent Training Camp' in our empire!
If you discover a space monster, try to retreat.
Always review your ship general settings before combat.
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