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Hello - Oreniishi - 10-13-2011 09:35 AM

Just to say hi Smile and loving the game.

How I heard about SO. I was face timing a friend of mines yesterday talking about what games to get for my new iPad2. I said to him that wouldn't it be great if some ported MOO2 to the iPad. So that night I did a search and found SO and not much info on it so did a search for it in the app store and it popped up (which was the release date). Clicky buy now and it's better than I thought. As it's a revamp of MOO2 and not a straight port. Also had a quick go on my iPhone and it works well on that also. Result!!!

Now to test out the multiplayer bring on iOS 5 Smile

Sme else already mentioned on another post I also would buy a mac version for my MacBook, Do IT!!! Big Grin