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Update Log, v1.2.7 - rocco - 09-23-2015 01:29 AM

Issues that have been identified and fixed for v1.2.6
Issues actively being worked on for inclusion in v1.2.6
Issues which are planned to be addressed, may or may not make it into v1.2.6

*** Note: v1.2.7 is a hotfix for a turn processing crash bug released in v1.2.6. ***


- Tweak: The hatchery should now be immune from spying events
- Bug: Hatcheries from other empires which were in combat were preventing your empire from building a new hatchery (as far as I could tell, only happens while the other hatchery is in combat).

- Bug: Fixes a crash bug on turn processing when certain conditions occur during a leader removal event.
- Bug: Fixes an issue where background audio (aka music from iTunes) was being stopped on app launch

- Tweak: can we add a "Route All"?

- AI Bug: "For quite a few turns (a couple dozen?) I have been gifting my ally all tech, but he doesn't seem to be accepting. I haven't received any sit reps and the history graph shows my ally is getting way behind me in technology."
- AI Bug: "On the Diplomacy screen, my ally is showing "none" for what tech he's researching, this has been going on for at least ten turns, I think."
- Bug: "Turn 422.8: Looks like the bug came back with ships retreating with Hannifer present. See the battle at Zavijava. The battle viewer shows 2 of my ships retreating, but the sitrep says 6 ships retreated, and the galaxy map also shows 6 retreating, but the battle viewer shows Diebo killing 4 out of the 6. "

- Bug?: Spies in a queue are not removed when a camp is destroyed.
- Bug: Reported instance where two hatcheries were built.

- Bug: Reported bug where distance travelled to a star is funky
- Feature: Add an RP/turn chart to the ingame info.

- Feature: optionally not zoom the map out when a player chooses end turn

- Ideas expressed in this forum thread

- Feature: Add new technology that allows exploitation of asteroids / gas giants (this forum thread)

- Feature: Implement a mechanism that causes the AI to surrender when it looks like all hope is lost. Take into account players who may not want the AI to surrender, and want to spend out the rest of the game grinding them into the ground.

- Feature: Ability to set custom empire colors
- Feature: add a second prompt (like the research dialog?) at the end of a turn where a planetary expansion is built
- Bug: quirky planetary expansion bug as reported [url=]in this thread[/ur]
- Feature: Fleets in combat should show up on the military screen

- Feature: Custom system names / more system names / galactic map notes

- Add a toggle to show planet production values in the EMPIRE screen