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Server(s) down? - Karlsen - 02-08-2016 04:51 PM

I had notification that it was my turn in a few games, after I click on multiplayer I get a fundamentally blank screen (it has the dividing line, the return arrow thingy and the + and - signs but nothing else).

Then after quite a while I get a message "The request timed out."

My iPad 1 does have current internet connectivity via other apps, so it doesn't seem to be at my end.

RE: Server(s) down? - Tiboloid - 02-08-2016 05:03 PM

Same for me Karlsen, it is not only you

RE: Server(s) down? - miljush - 02-08-2016 05:04 PM

I have the same problem, it seems that like you sad, the server is down

RE: Server(s) down? - djaxfromucla - 02-09-2016 01:03 AM

Server is definitely down. None of my games are appearing, nor are those for any of my opponents in those games.

RE: Server(s) down? - rocco - 02-09-2016 01:07 AM

should be back up now.

RE: Server(s) down? - djaxfromucla - 02-09-2016 01:20 AM

It is! And in the nick of time. My poor fleet commanders were very worried about how they were going to plan a crucial battle.

Thank you, Rocco.

RE: Server(s) down? - Tiboloid - 03-15-2016 06:56 PM

seems the servers are down again ?

RE: Server(s) down? - Karlsen - 03-15-2016 10:09 PM

(03-15-2016 06:56 PM)Tiboloid Wrote:  
seems the servers are down again ?

Yes, it would seem that they were, but they were back after a while.

RE: Server(s) down? - miljush - 10-17-2016 10:52 PM

It seems that serveur is down, I can't login, does enybody else have the same pb?

RE: Server(s) down? - JabaMaya - 10-17-2016 11:08 PM

m2, can't see the mp-game list now since hours : (