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Multiplayer Terms Definitions - ArlyB - 03-07-2017 12:17 PM

First post of 2017! In March ... er, moving on ...

Having played in a bunch of multiplayer games the last year I have noticed the tension between players when they have different views of the rules for the game under which they are playing. I figured creating a reference point for the definitions and short hand of the game rules for multiplayer would be helpful so I am going to attempt to create that here. I will keep this post up-to-date as folks post and define new terms in this thread. Hopefully if we do a good job there will be less bickering over what things like "no spying" actually mean in terms of game play. That said, post away and I'll periodically update this post to keep a running tally of terms.
Multiplayer terms: (acronym - short hand: words that describe it)

EXPDIPLO - Explicit Diplomacy Only: All forms of cooperation in this game must be handled via in-game chat. No side chats, email, or outside-of-the-game communication may occur.

FFA - Free For All: A multiplayer game where all players are expected to try to win. No intentionally throwing your efforts to help another player win. This is a vague definition but it kinda has to be.

NOSCIF - No SCIF: Players may spy on each others normally but may not create ships with SCIF nor research that technology.

NOSPYSHARE - No Spy Sharing: Players may not cooperate by sharing tech, etc. via allowing other players to spy on them with little to no resistance.

NOSPYSTRICT - Strictly No Spying: All forms of spying are strictly forbidden.

6/6 - 6 Core / 6 Non-Core: A multiplayer game variant where each player must take 6 points from the 5 core traits (farming, industry, research, credits, pop growth) and 6 points from the non-core traits. No negative traits are allowed. Note that for this to work, the Unlimited option must be selected in the Race category during game creation. Variant developed by Gametrog with help from Anthee, Immortal Sloth, and others.

RE: Multiplayer Terms Definitions - JabaMaya - 03-21-2017 11:42 PM

Good move, Arly : )