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"The Lattering Technique" - Sanbi - 07-27-2017 08:21 AM

I've made an animated gif to explain how "Lattering" works.
[Image: giphy.gif]

"Lattering" is just a word I use for using "hold position" and "escort" commands to get closer to a fixed ship over multiple turns. It's useful for getting close to gauss or even laser starbases while not getting close enough to take serious damage.

I'm using it right now in a game; since he has nothing but Gauss on his starbase, sooner or later he will lose to my patient nuke + gauss fleet.

(If my opponent didn't have ships escorting his starbase I could just tell my nuke ships to keep max range and take no damage, (I would lose if I charged close range.) I can't keep max range though, because he has enough laser ships with combat pilots + pds escorting his starbase so that I need to destroy them first. But I don't want to target small/weakest, and risk getting too close to his starbase if they follow his ships as they circle back around thee farside of his starbase. And I don't want my ships to separate either, because when they're together they're safe, and have a chance at overwhelming the pds on his individual ships.

Lattering lets me inch close enough to safely snipe at his ships without ever getting in range of the Gauss on his starbase. It's a niche strategy.

RE: "The Lattering Technique" - Chrisbap - 08-02-2017 02:57 AM

Definitely a strategy that you could only use in certain situations, but a good tool to have in the toolbox every once in a while. Thanks for the tip!

(07-27-2017 08:21 AM)Sanbi Wrote:  Lattering lets me inch close enough to safely snipe at his ships without ever getting in range of the Gauss on his starbase. It's a niche strategy.

RE: "The Lattering Technique" - Sanbi - 08-02-2017 06:07 PM

Honestly, since writing this it hasn't been that useful in this battle, but the tactic could still have potential.

We are too evenly matched atm, and with Fantastic Engineers + Starbase, he has managed to turtle the Nuke 1 ships and hold on. I just don't have enough nukes to burst through his pds shield often enough when they stray from the starbase (he changed the orders so they escort it closer than before), and my ships don't heal.

Of course, he still can't chase me because whenever his pds ships leave the starbase they quickly start taking more damage than they can recover. His ships do sometimes stray close enough for me to damage them, but since I don't have enough nukes they just go turn back to the starbase and recover hp. (So far it's been a 15 turn stalemate where neither of us have lost any ships.)

Since lasers have almost as much range as nukes, and I don't have FE, I gradually took enough "permanent" damage that I decided to give up on lattering. I have pulled my ships back to anchor far away from his starbase, and to just wait until some better ships can arrive to take him out from a distance. Lattering has failed, and it'll be a total of about 20 turns before the new reinforcements can finish the battle.

Though since it's his last planet (though there are other players), the stalemate has worked in my favor because he couldn't build anything, but I've been free to build reinforcements or research Plasma. (Obviously, lattering just wasn't needed for a simple blockade though...)

Although, if I had Fantastic Engineers, I think I could have matched his healing well enough to have stayed closer and then done more damage per second. Either that, or if I had a little more ranged firepower (nuke II or nuke III) to burst down his laser ships and do more damage than he could heal. (More testing needs to be done.)

So yeah, I think it might still be viable, but only in even nicher situations where your ships have more staying power (for a long siege) or firepower (to overcome the opponent's healing properties.)

Also, if your anchored ship does die and the escorts will break formation which could be a problem. The added complexity also makes it easier to use the wrong orders and lose ships, such as if you escort the wrong ship or forget to change the commands from "keep close range."