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My thoughts on Leaders
07-04-2012, 03:59 PM
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RE: My thoughts on Leaders
(07-04-2012 03:54 PM)37ddV Wrote:  Here's where the dilemma comes. Throw the bunny on a Starbase... Now you have to build ships? Or upgrade Starbase? Research lv2&3 Starbase?

No reason you can't do both, you can research starbase 2/3 and still build ships...if you want your starbases to actually be at all useful, you have to research weapons/systems tech anyway, so you already have it to put on the ships.

Quote: The problem is that the bunny is not a real military leader. You have to sacrifice too much to make him useful. He doesn't have any real cool abilities like some of the other colony leaders. Doesn't help excell your production of ships or GC or tech. Use up a leader slot where you could have more useful leader benefit you. Most good leaders that comes out is strong and useful right away. I just don't see the bunny as giving me the same benefits. Beside IMO the best defense is a stronger offense.
And sb2&3? I hardly ever get.. Too many better tech that I always end up losing sb2 tech unless I found it. For me, star drive, fuel cell, exopolitics, and sb2 is gone. Just feel that sb2 will just slow my advances down.

I agree that I don't typically research SB2 unless I make it to the second round of astrophysics research. That said, if I had the bunny and was worried about being attacked, I might pass up on fuel cells or exopolitics in order to get SB2 instead. If you're on the defensive, fuel cells dont' matter all that much as you aren't going away from your planets anyway. Exopolitics would be sad to pass up, but there might be times where you need the SB more than the ability to get a coupla more leaders I suppose.

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