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Update Log, v1.1.5
05-29-2012, 01:29 AM (This post was last modified: 06-11-2012 01:52 AM by rocco.)
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Update Log, v1.1.5
Issues that have been identified and fixed for v1.1.5
Issues actively being worked on for inclusion in v1.1.5
Issues which are planned to be addressed, may or may not make it into v1.1.5

**** v1.1.5 with be a hot patch ( a patch released quickly to address specific issues introduced in v1.1.4 ) ****

- Tweak: One more fix for the hanifer 80/20 rule.

- Feature: You can now dismiss spies.
- Tweak: Cerebrum's benefit in regards to brilliant researches was incorrect. Fixed.
- Bug: Morph's planet bonus was being activated even when he was not assigned to a planet. Fixed.

- Tweak: Leaders are no longer able to be assigned to the Hatchery.
- Tweak: The burrow's strength is now directly related to the level of starbase at the system.

- Bug: If you build two jump gates the either side of a wormhole, ships would travel using the jump gate and not the wormhole (which could be a longer journey). Fixed.
- Bug: CIVIC funding in a automatic list does not work - it is treated as hoarding and does not add population. Fixed.
- Bug: Bug with combat orders display reported here. Fixed.
- Bug: Ship lists in tactical combat view now cut off before they run over the controls at the bottom
- Bug: The 80/20 rule when targeting a Hanifer on iron will was not working properly if the race using Hanifer had fantastic engineers. Fixed.
- Bug: Reports of colonies not getting completely reset. Fixed.

- Tweak: Added a generic "money has gone missing" report for when spies steal credits.
- Tweak: When a leader goes back to the leader pool because no one bid on them, they will no longer immediately reappear as the next leader offered for bidding.
- Tweak: Made some adjustments to dragging systems in the ship designer. Dragging should be much more responsive now.
- Tweak: Updated the tutorial to take into account empires now start with Hydroponics instead of Research Center.
- Tweak: Increased the number of contact points required for contact rating to 15 ( was 10 )
- Tweak: Reduced how many spies the AI chooses devote to offensive spying
- Bug: When Bgeeep creates his Burrow, unique ship systems which are added in later slots may not make it into the burrow. Fixed.
- Bug: AI was not respecting the minimum bid when bidding on new leaders. Fixed.
- Bug: Fixed an issue with GORZHONS breeding calculations in relation to AI empires.
- Tweak: Made adjustments to the AI bidding algorithm
- Tweak: The new minimum iOS requirement is now iOS 4.3. Some of the new text display code used for leaders requires an iOS 4.3 only feature of CoreText.

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