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Update Log, v1.1.6
06-11-2012, 01:54 AM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2012 12:32 AM by rocco.)
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Update Log, v1.1.6
**** v1.1.6 has been submitted to Apple for review ****


- Tweak: Removed all game presets other than the first.
- Tweak: You may now watch battles which have allies participating in.
- Tweak: The spy effectiveness value now shows negative values as well as positive values.
- Tweak: Updated help information.


- Feature: If you have a planet on civic funding, and it reaches maximum population, it will now automatically switch to economic hoarding and you will be notified in the sit rep.

- Feature: Planetary expansions are now affected by your advance colony ship research.

- Bug: All build queues are now verified at the beginning of your turn; this will prevent players from accidentally purchasing items which are no longer valid (such as a starbase 3 on a planet which your starbase 2 was obliterated).

- Feature: There is now a between combat colonization opportunity (just like the between combat planetary assault opportunity). This means that if you defeat all enemy ships in a combat, and you have colony ships, you will be allowed to colonize planets even if incoming reinforcements place you back in combat the very next turn.

- Bug: When you scorch your last planet in a system, any of your system fortifications (aka star bases) are now properly destroyed at the time your last planet goes, before any combat is generated in that system for that turn.


- Bug: Ancient ruins tech sitrep not showing up in MP matches. Fixed.
- Bug: the AI can still assign leaders to the Hatchery. Fixed.
- Bug: AI building fleets of colony ships. Should be a bit better.

- Bug: When population starves, they were dying before their research was being accounted for. Fixed. this forum thread

- Feature: Added an option to turn galactic specials on / off
- Tweak: The spy percentage value displayed in the foreign section now accurately reflects bonuses from Magistrate X, Personal Cloaking Device, and the penalty from Contact Rating
- Feature: Total Planets Colonized is now available in the HISTORY section
- Bug: Removed the old data charts from the empires foreign screen


- Bug: Early empires were being given a starbase, even though they don't have that tech, causing a crash. Now they don't start with a starbase, and it will no longer crash when a combat is created (for current games, they won't gets starbase even though it will still show on the map). New games will be unaffected.

- Bug: Issues with AI not bidding on leader. Fixed.
- Bug: Issues with AI not building colony ships when played as early empires. Fixed.

- Tweak: Added new artwork for when you colonize ancient ruins


- Bug: Issue with colonizing ancient ruins and getting new tech. Fixed.
- Bug: Race Unlimited not working. Fixed.
- Bug: ships building for empire age: early. All ships can be built with laser 1. Fixed.
- Bug: for advanced empires on balanced maps, the fourth planet needs to be balanced. Fixed.
- Check: Make sure system specials are still being mirrored properly. Confirmed.

- Tweak: You can now tap on the black background to close the dialogs when viewing a empire stats (tapping on the top bar items), or the empire info from the foreign screen
- Tweak: Adjusted the map generator to try and keep star systems closer on large maps, and to inset the home world starting positions a little bit.
- Feature: Added an option to turn space monsters on and off.


- Tweak: The dragging group number bubble now descends from the top of the screen in order to be seen easier.
- Bug: Issue with planets in starter system when playing with a young empire not being the correct type. Fixed.
- Bug: Advanced empires were stated to have five colonies, but only got three. Now they state they get four, and they actually get four. Fixed.


- Feature: Game files now store (some) historical data; this data will support spying informational reports (and later end game data graphs)
- Feature: when dragging population groups, there is now a number badge to show how many you are dragging
- Feature: double tap to zoom out in galaxy screen and combat screen
- Feature: There is now a PLANET button in the build dialog; this way, if you get to the build dialog from the empire screen you can easily hit PLANET to go to the planet view
- Feature: better ending bid message as described in this forum thread
- Feature: Informational spying events. Spying now has a chance of producing information about another empire; currently, this information is general information which gets added to the graphs in the "History" section described below.

- Feature: New "History" section under "Foreign", contains historical information. Other empire information is only displayed if they are allies, or if your spies steal the information that turn:
1) Used Command Points
2) Galactic Credits
3) Empire Population
4) Empire Production
5) Empire Research
6) Leader history and bans
7) Galactic level fleet and colonization history

- Feature: New game options browser for multiplayer games
- Feature: New game customization interface
- New Game Options: Composition ( Balanced maps / Random maps )
- New Game Options: Shape ( Cluster / Spiral / Ring galaxies )
- New Game Option: Leaders ( On / Off / Ban )
- New Game Option: Galaxy Age ( Average / Old (Mineral Rich) / Young (Organic Rich) )
- New Game Option: Empire Age ( Normal / Early / Advanced )
- New Game Option: Wormholes ( On / Off )
- New Game Option: AI Bonuses ( On / Off )
- New Game Option: Race Picks ( Normal / Random / No Custom / Unlimited Custom )

- Tweak: Lowered the research cost of Auxiliary Thrusters and Combat Engine; both now have a 2x stacking penalty.
- Tweak: The production cost of the Hatchery is now 3000 (was 1000)
- Tweak: Added more code to stop the AI from going on a troop ship purchasing spree.
- Tweak: Added a "rename" button to the ship designer, removed the ability to tap the ship to rename.
- Tweak: When leaders are stalled, they should still continue moving to their destination until 1 turn away (this forum thread)

- Tweak: Ancient ruins must now be colonized before you can salvage for new technology.
- Tweak: Colony leaders start becoming available after turn 403. Military leaders start becoming available after turn 407.
- Tweak: Highly trained smugglers now receive a bonus to their contact rating with other empires. This increases their spying effectiveness against other empires, and will eventually increase their trading with other empires in v1.1.7.
- Tweak: It is now more likely that spy or agent will get killed or captured the more spies you have grouped together.
- Tweak: The chance of clandestine initiative saving a spy from being captured or killed has been changed to 75% (was 50%)
- Tweak: Spy effectiveness no longer increases linearly. It is now subject to the following ( atan(x / 30.0f) * 40.0f ) (Will be explained with beta1 post)
- Tweak: Spy allocations are now one tray per empire (instead of sabotage / espionage trays). You may now choose up to 2 of the following focuses per empire spy allocation:
1) Steal military tech
2) Steal civil tech
3) Steal astrophysics tech
4) Disrupt military operations
5) Disrupt civil development
6) Disrupt empire operations
7) Gather intelligence

- Performance: Decreased game loading times.

- Bug: if you tap quickly between two different ships in the fleet view, it would open up the ship details view. Fixed.
- Bug: Production ship-scrapping bug reported. Fixed.
- Bug: During an ongoing combat, any fighters deployed Jack Gentry's fighter bays cost CP. Fixed.
- Bug: Trying to bid on a leader when your GC matches the minimum bid amount would do bad things. Fixed.
- Bug: Galaxy generator would occasionally put stars too close together (even right on top of each other). Fixed.
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