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Ideas for SO2
08-03-2015, 08:22 PM
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RE: Ideas for SO2
How about going back to the idea of getting a fleet of ships of various sizes, maybe a large ship could give a buff of some sort to maybe two ships one size lower ect...? that would get players to make fleets of various sizes more often, but it would not overkill on the buffs so that if your largest ship got destroyed in a previous battle, you would not instant lose the next battle, and it would not then be a race to get the biggest hull as much as if only the largest ship size gave a buff to everything?
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08-11-2015, 02:26 PM
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RE: Ideas for SO2
Hello Fellow Orion Fans...
Some things I would LOVE to see added not included in StarBase Orion

- Ability to name Solar Systems
- Planet Destroyer (Remember the stellar converter)
- Planet Creator (Transform astroid fields or gas giants into colonize-able planets)
- Planet Creating Colony Ship (Think 'Titan AE') Transform an astroid field or gas giant in an un-used system into a coloniz-able
- Tech that may allow a colony to set up in a gas giant or astroid belt
- Mining tech that may allow you to harvest resources from an astroid field or gas giant
- Tech that works with a star to improve colonies
- Range of space events such Crystals that destroy colonies, planet eating space amebas, astroids that will impact a planet destroying a colony. (Tech that shoot down such astroids or fight monsters would be cool)
- Unique additions to your fleet that you can find in space (Think TinMan Star Trek TNG)
- Governments!
- Customizable Governments! Smile
- At least 2 or 3 different designs of ships for each size. It's kinda less fun to watch battles when all the ships look the same, yet half of them might be missile carrying bombers.
- Animated reveals on new technology from your marines, spies and scientists. (Think MOO2)
- Super Tech like Dyson Sphere (Think Star Trek TNG S06E04 - Relics) or Death Star Bases (Think Star Wars)
- Special individuals with unique talents actually show as a special colonist in those fields.

This is a new idea... one that might need to be thought out a bit
- Time Dilation (A system close to a black hole may run on a much slower time then the rest of the galaxy) (1 turn might acually take 100 turns in normal times, even tho it only seemed like 1 turn to them)

Those are a few for now

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08-18-2015, 11:03 AM
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RE: Ideas for SO2
I got a new one for you

- Flagships!

Every Race should get their own single unique flagship. It should probably be an endgame tech that can be researched. Or maybe it should be a beginning level tech, and the ship can be upgraded through upgrade techs. The key thing about it is that you can only build one at a time, and it should stand a notch above anything else in the fleet.

Loss of the flag ship should hit the moral of the entire populace.

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09-17-2015, 02:29 PM
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RE: Ideas for SO2
Has anyone looked at an option to add 3 dimensional play. I am thinking it would be interesting to take some sci-fi series and setup scenarios with similar strategies. Like the miles vorkosigan series.

Which then an editor to do star layouts different layouts. This would be good for the current 2d layout and also a 3d scheme.
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09-19-2015, 05:22 PM
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RE: Ideas for SO2
I think 3D gameplay would make it too hard to navigate and lead to a lot of misclicks. It might work on Unity with a mouse and keyboard though.
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01-07-2016, 11:35 AM
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RE: Ideas for SO2
Okay so i understand this might be a bit of an oddball for guys like you who have grown up to love the original 4x strategy games but I'll say it anyway.

I really really like the sound of real-time battles (that was mentioned in the first post). I'm quite young and have grown up in the world of Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire - great games but nothing like the classics. What I've grown to love is the real time nature of the battles - when your fleet exits hyperspace and begins to fight. My brother who is 29 and my friends mention this is the only thing they want implemented in the game before it becomes a definite buy.

I understand in multiplayer this may be a bit challenging, but in single player, imagine have your forces arrive in formation:
1) If the enemy fleet did not know you're coming, they'll be disorganised around the planet and will take longer to position themselves - by which point you would have had time to take out some of their ships in the gravity well.
2) Your battle could move around the gravity well - you could maneuver your ships to avoid the starbase - but then starbases can disable some of your ships
3) Reinforcements can arrive in real time in a battle, and its up to you to position your fleet to give yourself the best advantage when they exit slipspace!
4) Large ships have levels - each with bonuses with vary by race

THIS is the stuff I really really really (really really) want to see! Any chance of this happening in a turn based system - I feel this would add a new dynamic to the game!
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02-20-2016, 03:57 PM (This post was last modified: 02-20-2016 04:10 PM by XB-7.)
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RE: Ideas for SO2
Freighters -- OMG why did you skimp them in SO1?

MOOII had freighters that needed to be built in order to ship people, leaders, and food between systems. The freighters had an upkeep cost like the 1 GC per turn credit that is currently being used.

The difference was that freighters required a non-blocked path between systems. So instead of parking a fleet at each system being blockaded, you could sever groups of systems with just one blockade... So heavy production or scientific systems could be severed from their food source with just one strategic blockade.

You were also required to have enough freighters available to ship available goods between planets. I've recently just purchased Starbase Orion and I was actually shocked to see such a blatant shortcut applied here -- especially since freighters offer an extra level of strategery to the original game all by themselves. Freighters were one of the first techs you learned in MOOII.
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03-13-2016, 07:49 AM (This post was last modified: 03-18-2016 03:34 AM by tactfulgamer.)
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RE: Ideas for SO2
^^^^^You can tell the kid above me is a newbie - trying to call Rocco out on skimping. *lol* slaps knee in laughter.

What I will say, judging by your post with statements like "skimping" and "blatant shortcut applied here" you definitely don't know what Rocco has done for this game and it's community.

"Skimping" the word itself, as soon as you typed it, said to itself, I was mentioned in the wrong place, then turned around and left. Even the word itself knows Rocco doesn't fit it's definition. I'll let the forum handle you from here sir.

Moving on, Damn! I've been gone for ages.

Good to see the original gang is still here.

Rocco... when are you dropping some more of that SO2 sneak peek? I keep replaying that beautiful Battlestar Galactica cinematic battle you released awhile back. Been thirsty for more.

Question: Has SO1 been updated to be playable on iPad Pro w/ Pencil compatibility? I might be picking one up depending on what apple reveals for it's March 21st iPad Pro 9.7" version (aka iPad Air 3) keynote.

You want ideas Rocco? Holy snap. Stellaris from Paradox Interactive. It's like Babylon 5 meets Star Trek:

You can uplift pre warp civs you come across by giving them technology, they in turn will pledge allegiance to your empire. You even meet up with ancient primetime civs who's tech is deeper/stronger than yours.

Random events occur mid game, late game - to help bring life to the mid and late game staleness that occurs with strategy games. (There are many different events, and so, replays of the game will be different from past play throughs)

Example of one of the late game events already in the game: Some Civ creates self aware AI, it revolts and goes to war with its creator, taking over all the robots of that federation or empire. Eventually, this war ripples throughout the galaxy involving all other galactic powerhouses, because this self aware AI starts reaching out to all the other robots from every faction that has one, now they too revolt and now what we have here is full blown galactic wide event where all power houses friend or foe have to work together to stop this new menace.

You can either sit back and watch it happen, hoping they destroy your enemy - but the longer you let them be, the stronger they become, they will move on and build their own empire probably eclipsing yours. (Such things can even happen with members of your empire) whom might not like your policies, they can then leave and form their own empire, colonizing planets... etc if left alone, eventually will grow and become big just like your empire OR, possibly have their own civil war (for whatever reasons) and extinct themselves from nuclear war.

Regarding Prewarp civilizations you discover: Create observatory posts above pre warp Civ you've come across. You can either abduct and study them or just observe from afar or infiltrate their highest forms of government via holographic guise and using these influential government/political disguises, manipulate the masses into accepting your species as holy godly beings. You can even tinker around with genome of civs you come across and make them into front line savage units for your army or make them into life forms that can comfortably work in inhospitable planets your species are not able to. Now you can mine that precious mineral you couldn't before.

On the flip side of that token, they can get upset for what you've done to them and over time revolt, leaving your empire, and become their own empire. Another thing to take note - they won't revolt during inopportune times. They'll watch and observe. If you're in a war or going through something tragic - that's when these weaker splinted factions will revolt not when you are at your strongest and they're still weak in terms of numbers/tech. However, if their tech and numbers meets yours, they'll revolt on the spot and fight you for they are at your level. This game is INSANE!!

I've linked different videos below where this brother breaks down exactly what is being expressed in the devblog on the official site.

If this game really turns out this way (knowing Paradox it will) I may end up having to buy the slimmest laptop I can find that can run this game for mobile purposes. A grand strategy game like this is what I've always wanted. Just wow.

Rocco, I know you're not some big studio like paradox, but you make amazing stuff that's why I will stay supporting you. Thus, please use these as some sort of influence for SO2 these are some disruptive game changing ideas Paradox is injecting into the genre:

Stellaris (from Paradox Interactive: May 9th Release)

Uplifting Prewarp Civs / Contact with Ancient Post Warp Civs:

Diplomacy & Trade:

Empires, Species & Anomolies:

Reverse Engineering / Unique Technologies:

Stellaris Dev Explanation: Government types (not just basic setups we are use to - nice implementations with sweet abilities I would love to see in SO2) Scientists are like heroes in RPG - going off on missions with various scripted events in where you make the decisions that lead to situational outcomes. Citizens of colonies start modding their genetics to suit their environment (sometimes killing off their lesser unmodded race), overtime they may branch off to become independent empire if your government policies differ from their beliefs. Gain unique weapons from debris leftover from space monsters after battle also, ability to communicate with space monster instead of fighting it. Many other sweet ideas for SO2:

Game dev explains the mid/late game event systems (he uses the AI take over event I mention as an example of the one in many different mid/late game events) that will hopefully prevent mid/late game slow down. These are some deep systems. Good ideas here for SO2:

FYI: I want to make this clear, I love SO and I want this franchise to become huge to the point where Rocco gets approached by big money investors (he deserves it) and so, these links, my enthusiasm - are all here, for what I hope, ends up providing ideas/motivation for SO2 (or SO3) Not trying to steer anyone to Stellaris. I would rather have something this epic, this ground breaking on my iPad and iPhone than having to lug around a laptop for it. Look forward to SO2 future reveals.
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