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Update Log, v1.2.1
02-25-2013, 04:23 AM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2013 12:50 AM by rocco.)
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Update Log, v1.2.1
*** v1.2.1 has been submitted to the AppStore and is waiting Apple review ***


- Tweak: updated galactic new to include information regarding changes to combat.
- Typo: adjusted the description of combat engines to remove the "+20%" number
- Bug: "play" button not changing to "view" for the games where it is no longer your turn. Fixed.
- Tweak: further fixes to the "issue where the MP screen would be unresponsive and crash when loading from a notification on iOS 5." issue.


- Bug: issue where the MP screen would be unresponsive and crash when loading from a notification on iOS 5. Re-fixed.
- Bug: fixed a bug which could cause the "Your orders have already been submitted" dialog to appear erroneously for 1 humand vs all AI MP games. Re-fixed.


- Tweak: added a watchdog service to the server to ensure the SFS gets restarted if it goes down

- Bug: added an explicit reconnect to server when you go out and back into the app on the MP main screen; this should fix the issue where occasionally the MP screen would remain somewhat unresponsive (game chats would not load, etc)
- Bug: possibly fixed a bug which could cause the "Your orders have already been submitted" dialog to appear erroneously.


- Bug: Adding a friend can result in it says "(null) added as friend". Fixed.
- Bug: On rare occasion, one might receive an error "Cannot submit orders for a game which is not your turn to play. playerID == ##########". This should be fixed.


- Typo: typo in sanctioned piracy description
- Tweak: added a cancel button to the "Loading Game" and "Submitting Orders" progress dialogs to allow players to cancel the operation when it looks like it failed.
- Tweak: adjustments to the bounds of the chat areas in the multiplayer menu area for iphone
- Crash: fixed a rare-ish crash bug when pressing "Orders" on the combat screen


- Tweak: additionals tweak to combat movement for ranged commands to help keep ships from plowing into the battle bounds.
- Bug: AI was not accept technology gifts when being gifted ALL. Fixed.


- Tweak: additional tweak to combat movement for ranged commands to help keep ships from plowing into the battle bounds.
- Bug: bug introduced in v1.2.1.b9996 which causes the MP main menu not to updated when leaving and entering the app. Fixed.


- Tweak: New button graphics

- Bug: Sanctioned piracy trade goods stealing was being applied to RP production; this is now fixed. To compensate for this, sanctioned piracy now increases your RP by 5% of total RP production other empire (adjusted by contact rating). In short, the more other empires are researching the more bonus RP you gain.

- Tweak: another adjustment to ship combat movement to further prevent retreating ships to get stuck in walls in 1v1 battle.
- Crash: on iOS 5, putting the device to sleep causes the app to crash. Fixed.
- Crash: long standing, esoteric AI crash big. Fixed.
- Bug: credits details view displaying incorrectly when population modifier is fractional. Fixed.
- Bug: rare occurrence where a system you occupied acts like it has not been explored. Fixed.


- Tweak: when games reach the end game state they are now archived in a separate part of the server for easier data mining

- Bug: there was a black overdraw issue in the friends list. Fixed.
- Bug: Apple GPU random crash when loading into a MP game. Possible fix implemented.
- Typo: fixed "gaaxy" in ALLIED game type description.
- Tweak: allied Empires in an ALLIED game are now placed next to each other in the galaxy.
- Bug: if you captured another Empires homeworld, and you are a race with homeworld affecting abilities, that homeworld would instantly change to match your racials. Fixed.


- Bug: a difference in the array random method between the server tool and the client caused some battles to resolve differently on the client than the server. Fixed.
- Crash: logging into MP from two different device at the same time led to a crash. Fixed.
- Bug: adding a friend said "(null) has been added..." in some circumstance. Fixed.
- Tweak: adjusted the design of the main multiplayer menu ( it is now cleaner and flatter )
- Tweak: AI scouts should no longer automatically retreat leaving colony ships to perish.


- Tweak: Added a new persistent badge with the name of the person you are PM-ing to the left of the text edit field.
- Tweak: It should no longer possible to invade allied planets (exhibited when two allied players invade the same planet on the same turn). Re-fixed.

- Bug: medium home world. On turn #2, four of your colonists just disappear, at least on an "advanced" starting colony. Fixed.
- Bug: issue with new overwhelming for check when reinforcing combats. Fixed.

- Crash: trying to advance a turn where you are actively researching a deprecated technology crashes. Fixed.


- Tweak: New borderless icon (works better for the upcoming iOS7 )

- Tweak: "Small Homeworld" is now "Medium Homeworld" with a racial cost of -2

- Tweak: "Slow Thinkers" penalty to research is now -1/2 instead of -1
- Tweak: "Quick Thinkers" is now +1 research (was +2 research).
- Tweak: "Borderline Genius" is now +3 research (was +4 research).
These three changes provide a small buff for production races which take a research penalty, a small nerf for hybrid/research races, but retains a commanding lead for an research focused race

- iOS7: fixed issue with freezing when going into multiplayer screen.
- Crash: crash bug introduced when removing CSF3. Fixed.


- iOS7: quick hack to make table cells not have a white background.

- Trial: moved the number of combat turns per combat round to 25 (was 20 in prev change); retreating set to happen at turn 15 (was 18 in prev change)
- Tweak: It should no longer possible to invade allied planets (exhibited when two allied players invade the same planet on the same turn)
- Bug: No chart should allow plotting of negative values. Fixed.
- Tweak: Overwhelming force now results in the immediate destructions of the overwhelmed force.
- Tweak: Removed Colony Security Facility III

- Crash: Probable fix for "setMainLobbyHistoryKey" crash bug in Crashlytics.


- Bug: another bug stopping monsters from attacking. Fixed.
- Bug: combat not initiating on the empire map. Fixed.


- Bug: in certain circumstances overwhelming force check will fail to check all opposing fleets. Fixed.
- Bug: issue where a double chat window appears, making it impossible to close one without exiting the app. Fixed.
- Bug: issue where monster and player ships in combat might not attack each other. Fixed for real this time.


- Trial: moved the number of combat turns per combat round to 20 (was 50). Each combat should end earlier, allowing for more interaction and more possibility for retreat.

- Tweak: when you are killed out of a game, but the game is still ongoing, you no longer have full vision.

- Tweak: "overwhelming forces" now applies to fleet reinforcing a combat.
- Bug: last patch introduced issue where combat result did not match the sitrep results. Fixed.
- Bug: issue where monster and player ships in combat might not attack each other. Fixed.


- Performance: more work done to decrease loading time for large combats.
- Performance: work done to increase playback performance of large combats.

- Tweak: added code that (should) ensure that you cannot open two in-game chat windows. I was unable to reproduce this issue, so if you see it post this patch let me know!

- Bug: In certain circumstances new colonists grown in your empire can cause immediate starvation on other planets in your empire, resulting the in possible loss of a colonist even when you ended your turn at 0 or more food. Fixed.

- Performance: decreased loading time for large combats

- Bug: when a fleet is selected, and you two finger scroll/zoom, the FPS of the main galaxy view can drop. Fixed.

- Bug: issue reported with removing friends. Fixed.
- Bug: issue where a player whose time clock had run out, but other players were still waiting to play, might be auto-advanced before they were supposed to. Fixed.
- Bug: issue introduced with retina graphic of the other empire in diplomacy screen. Fixed.
- Bug: rare crash when deleting items from build queues. Probable fix committed.


- Bug: issues introduced in b994 which caused pass-and-play games to be horribly broken.
- Bug: issue with massive balanced galaxies; in certain circumstances they could exceed the amount of valid stars, resulting in unbalanced arms. fixed.
- Bug: main menu retina graphics were not being loaded properly. fixed.
- Bug: issues with leader ban dialog in pass and play games showing other player bans. fixed.


- Bug: sometimes added friends would disappear from the friends list. Fixed.
- Bug: pass and play racial images are no longer there on the waiting screen. fixed.
- Bug: issue with upgrading systems on ships if you have missing revisions (ie, you have gauss 1 and gauss 3, the ship designer won't fast upgrade to 3). Fixed.
- Bug: Issue with single player games, ban leaders, then race selection screen is not touchable.  Possible fix implemented.
- Bug: crash bug with CloudAI and advancing the turn that ends the game.  Fixed.

- Typo: the help section incorrectly stated that freighting food only costs 1/2 GC per freighter, where as the actual value for freighting anything (colonist or food) is 1 GC per freighter.

- Tweak: friends this is now sorted by who's online; people online will be at the top.
- Tweak: Changing various delegate pointers to be weak instead of assign; this should help some of the crashes reported by crashlytics.

- Tweak: all starbases at a system are now added to the fleet details view, even if they are of a different empire than the selected fleet.
- Tweak: Moved the flight range for "medium range" to be slightly closer; this fixes an issue where IPC ships can be set to medium range yet were unable to fire at the target.

- Performance: decreased loading time for going into large, multi-empire combats
- Performance: decreased loading time for the custom race screen.
- Performance: decreased loading time for going into games (especially larger MP games)
- Performance: decreased loading times going to the main menu (ie, such as leaving the MP screen and going to the main menu). much faster now.


- Bug: memory leaks introduced several version back; fixed.

- Tweak: Fix the First Cerebrum description to handle the new way it interacts with brilliant researchers
- Changes to Cerebral Cortex: RP bonus raised to +2, removed stacking penalty

- Bug: When evading or retreating, ships can get "stuck" in the combat boundaries doing crazy circles. Adjusted the evasion algorithm so this does not happen any more.

- Bug: private messages to allied was not working in the in-game chat. Fixed.
- Bug: allied chat messages would show [null]allies[/null]. Fixed.
- Bug: Terminifera's ability to lower colony ships cost got broke. I fixed it!


- Feature: You can now send a private message to all allies by using the PM button.

- Tweak: On the flip side of tournament timer games, it now displays your current time bank value and the time under automatic turn advance (ie, the longest time bank for remaining player who need to take their turn)

- Tweak: Menu badges now blink.

- Feature: There is now a badge on "The Space Bar" when it has new content for you to read.

- Tweak: More of the galaxy map is now revealed when viewing a game that has ended (all stars can be views, all empire planets can be viewed, all ship compositions can be viewed)

- Tweak: New rules for what happens when someone leaves a game:
1) If you leave a game, and there is more than one human player left in the game, then your empire will be taken over by an AI
2) If you leave a game, and there is only one human player left in the game, then your empire is destroyed and the game is over. The leaving player's empire will be left "intact", allowing for both players to view the game's end state.

Justification: This allows empires for leavers in a MP game to continue to function and have an impact without completely disrupting the game (for instance, by instantly ceding control of the entire empire over to someone else). It also allows for games to end once there is no human opposition left. What this does not allow for is players to continue to mop up the galaxy against an AI; this is a known tradeoff i am making.

- Bug: Issue with trade ports (this forum thread). Fixed.
- Bug: "Just after defeating a space monster at a system, in the Galaxy planet list, that system's planets do not yet appear on the "no enemies" planet list". Fixed.
- Bug: During turn updates the sector map shows "colored squares" outside of scanner ranges. Fixed.

- Tweak: the AI should no longer consider scout exploration as a reason to invade.
- Tweak: the AI should no longer declare war over minor squabbles between scout ships.

- Tweak: Nudged the "magenta" empire a bit more white to help differentiate it from "purple" empire.
- Bug: Research info panel was not scrolling properly. Fixed.
- Bug: Section headers are messed up in the new research sections. Fixed.


- Bug: Fix issue with server generated cache info on a game where the player is no longer in it (leads to crashing)

- Bug: In-combat 40% buy back of starbase bug. Fixed.

- Tweak: fix for the black backgrounds on the text labels in the new profile screen.

- Tweak: when your tourney time clock runs out, the game used to say "(advancing)". Now it says "(out of time)"

- Feature: The research screen now has three categories; current (what you can currently research), acquired (what you have already researched), and passed (tech you passed up one your way through the tech tree)
- Feature: Added an alphabetical, all sorting to the planets in the galaxy view.


- Feature: Some statistical, meta-information about other players is now available. To see it, tap on them in the "Friends" portion of the main MP menu. You can see:
1) The last time they were online
2) Their most played racial type (ie, do they prefer human/vass/draske/isather/cyban. fun little stat with little in-game relevance)
3) Their averaged, custom racial picks across all time ( 100% Shared Intel, 60% galactic navigators, etc). Only counts games which use the "Normal" race option
4) Their two most popular leader bans

- Tweak: AI responses to diplomatic demands has been adjusted:
1) the AI will always accept demands to go to war against non-allied empires if you are in alliance with said empire.
2) the AI will now (possibly) accept demands from you for tech/credits/planets/tribute. Doing so will hurt your relations with said empire.
3) the AI will (possibly) decide to gift you tech

- Tweak: AI diplomatic relations values are now set randomly at first contact (before they always started at 0). This means that it will be possible to find "happier" races than before (less work to get them to do stuff)

- Tweak: Adjusted the values for AI diplomatic relations in regards to how "rewarding" interacting with the AI is (see this thread for explanation and past values)
1) Gifting technology changed to +60 ( was +20 )
2) Gifting credits changed to +(credits / 10) ( was +(credits / 100) )
3) Gifting tribute changed to +60 ( was +20 )
4) Gifting planet changed to +200 ( was +50 )
5) Cancelling a trade/research pact changed to -60 ( was -20 )

6) Passive change per turn when hostile with AI changed to -2 (was -1)
7) Passive change per turn when neutral with AI changed to +2 (was +1)
8) Passive change per turn when you have a trade/research pact changed to +20 (was +10)
9) Passive change per turn when you have a non-aggr pact changed to +20 (was +10)
10) Passive change per turn when you have a non-aggr pact changed to +40 (was +20)

- Tweak: The earlier change to have AI diplomatic relations degrade in conditions of overwhelming might have been adjusted:
1) This will only occur if the two empires are in comm range (bug)
2) The fleet might range has been increased to 4x (was 2x)
3) All diplomatic relation values are now limited to reasonable min and max values (currently -600 and 2500, see this thread for explanation)

- Tweak: losing by financial ruin should now send a sitrep to all players letting them know.
- Crash: Gifting a planet to another empire, which is building ships of your empire, can lead to a game crash shortly after. Fixed.
- Tweak: The diplomacy screen now shows how many turns left before a diplomatic overture expires.
- Tweak: Added a button to go to the wiki from in game
- Tweak: show racial picks in the diplo screen after an empire is defeated


- Bug: Crash when undo-ing leader bids. Fixed!
- Bug: introduced a crash bug in 1.2.1.b96 which causes the chat notification to crash the app when you receive an in-game chat message. Fixed!


- Bug: On the rare occasion, the battle replay and the sitrep/results of a combat did not match. Unable to reproduce this cleanly, but I made a change that might fix it.

- Tweak: In any case in the turn advancement code where the results of the advancement were based upon the ordering in an array, the array is now randomized before the traversal happens. This makes it more fair in the instances where "empire 1 always gets it instead of empire 2". For example, if two scouts arrive at the same system at the same time, who gets the pirate cache? Before it was order dependent, now it is random. Perhaps not ideal, but better than it was before.

- Crash: various crashes related to weak parent references going away, fixed.


- Tweak: Improvements to MP submitting turn over a bad network connection; it should not get stuck on submitting any more, it should either keep trying until it submits or it will error out with a message.

- Tweak: MP game chat content is now cached and stored locally; this should streamline and improve loading times while flipping through the interface.

- Tweak: Shield damage reduction values used to scale based upon the amount of shields available; now shields always reduce the full amount of damage so long as there are any shield points available.
- Tweak: Base shield point values have been doubled again.

- Tweak: the "i" button by the CloudAI option now displays information about what Cloud AI is.

- Tweak: Sanctioned Piracy now enjoys a -10% cost to ship production. Point cost raised to 2 (was 1)
- Tweak: Battle hardened armor and structure bonus raised to +20%. Point cost reduced to 1 (was 2)

- Tweak: Players can now view games when it is not their turn.

- Bug: Gauss combat animations are off. Fixed.

- Tweak: Changed loading game and submitting game progress dialogs to show download / upload progress. This should help give some indication as to network activity in slow network situations.

- Tweak: Adjusted the MP bug report email to include the current stardate of the game in question.

- Tweak: Advanced colony ships now build hydroponics instead of research

- Tweak: Removed the "small structure healing for all races" change made earlier. It had more negative side-effects than the single intended benefit.

- Tweak: In previous version we added a flat 20% chance to miss on any ship evading or retreating. This has now been changed to a scaling chance to miss based upon the current range of ship to target. Weapons will have a range of 10% - 40% chance to miss, based on current range (far away targets, more chance to miss). It also now affects all weapons.


- Bug: Issue with map racials in Pass and Play not being set on the first turn. Fixed.
- Tweak: adjusted the Civic Funding soft cap function to atan(pod/20)*40.
- Flurry: Updated to the latest version of flurry sdk
- Bug: Given the change to brilliant researchers, the default Cyban race became an invalid race configuration. Changed industry racial to rich homeworld to compensate.


- Tweak: Turn timers will only start running after everyone has taken their first turn.
- Tweak: There is now a special badge on the new games header if you have new games
- Tweak: The new games section now defaults to being open

- Tweak: Added Colony Security Facility 3 ( 75% reduction ). Moved CSF1 earlier in the tree, spread 2 and 3 out farther.

- Tweak: Orbital Bombardment research cost dropped by 50%.

- Tweaks to Quick Thinkers and Borderline Genius
• Quick Thinkers raised to +2 ( was +1 )
• Borderline Genius raised to +4 ( was +2 )

- Tweaks to Brilliant Researchers:
• Racial trait cost raised to 6 points
• Guaranteed bonus tech (no longer random chance). The bonus tech will be a random tech that is within 3x the cost of the researched tech.

Summary: This change makes this trait a bit more predictable (before there were two random chances, one to get it and one for which tech. now there is only one random). This allows for better planning and strategy when choosing this trait for a game. For First Cerebrum: the brain provides no benefit to brilliant researchers free tech. For non brilliant races, his percentage chance was increased to 30% (was 20%).

- Tweaks to Civic Funding:
• Bonus population growth from CF is now detached from population size.
• Bonus population growth from CF is now adjusted by population growth racials
• Production values are run through a soft cap function ( currently atan(pod/10)*15 ) before being applied to the growth formula. This limits the effects of growth when pouring lots of industry into CF, but does not overly hurt pouring little amounts of production.

Summary: Growth from CV will be much less than before. It is now comparable to a cloning center. Races with population bonuses (or penalties) now apply, raising the importance of these traits in relation to turning production into people.

- Bug: Text is being cut off on iphone leader tourney setting.
- Bug: Allied victory does not give off a sit rep saying who won. Should be fixed.
- Bug: The "cancel" and "submit turn" buttons on iphone was to small, widened it.
- Bug: Possible fix for issue with spying and agents dying more often than they should.
- Bug: APNS from the server was sending the wrong badge count (it was including finished games). Should be fixed.
- Bug: Issue with private messages, chat, and closing the keyboard while writing one. Should be fixed.


- Bug: Crash on 8-player game set up. Fixed.

- Bug: When leaders in leader tourney games reached their last turn, they were getting removed prematurely causing their abilities to not be active that last turn. Fixed.

- Tweak: The algorithm behind Shared Intel has been changed. Before the bonus was set based on certain tiers of population (the bonus was the same for 3-5 pop, then 6-11, then 12-17, 18-23, etc..). The bonus is now determined by the formula sin(population/25.0)*2.35-0.5 . This change will have two effects:
• The penalty/bonus now scales per each new colonist and won't have large jumps when you cross a magical tier
• Highest possible bonus is now less than it was before.

- Tweak: the leader history list now shows when leader contract will end.
- Tweak: Have the app set the badge number aggressively when it gets the game list.
- Tweak: Standard matched games now random sized between large and huge.

- Bug: Overwhelming force dialog with monsters. Fixed.
- Bug: Overwhelming force on monsters sending ships away. Fixed.


- Bug: Fixes an issue introduced in v1.2.1.b9 which messed up race selection submission in new MP games.

- Tweak: Adjusted sanctioned piracy to work with all empires, not just hostile ones.

- Tweak: All order submissions are now gzip'd before being sent to the server. Normally turn orders are fairly small, but when moving around lots of colonists it can get very big. Net result, submitting orders on slower networks should see a big improvement.
- Tweak: Added a dialog when you touch on Standard Game which explains (a little) what the user should expect.


- Tweak: Moving all buttons on the blue dialogs to "dangle" at the bottom of the dialog. This adds more space for the dialog, and gains consistency with the new UI feel in the MP stuff.
- Bug: Newly migrated game chats included previously private messages as now public messages. Should now be fixed, need verification.
- Tweak: The server should now send an APNS to the last person who still needs to take their turn in a 3+ person game ("Everyone is waiting on you! Please take your turn.")

- Orbital Labs Reworked:
• Orbital Labs 1 now provides a +25% increase to all RP generated at a colony
• Orbital Labs 2 now provides a +50% increase to all RP generated at a colony
• Orbital Labs 3 has been removed (existing Orb Lab 3 buildings will generate RP same as new Orb Labs 2)

- Feature: New "Standard Game" option allows a one touch method for creating a 1v1 match against a randomly matched opponent.
- Tweak: New graphics added for the "plus" sign dialog in MP lobby.
- Bug: Wormholes game creation option was not working properly in MP (always off). Fixed.
- Bug: Pressing "turn", while hopping networks, can lead to a turn submission where the orders were lost. Possible fix committed.
- Bug: Pressing "send" on an in-game chat, while hopping networks, would make it so you can't send chats. Fixed.
- Bug: Monsters at unexplored systems were still giving "overwhelming force" warnings. Fixed.
- Bug: Gaia device and terrforming showing up twice in the "sort by building" in Empire screen. Fixed.


- Bug: Tourney turn timers were "ticking down" even if the player had played their turn. Fixed.
- Tweak: A chat message is now made when a player misses their turn and it is auto advanced.

- Bug: Discovered and fixed some leaking views; game should be able to run a lot longer without suffering a memory crash.
- Bug: If you have no network connectivity, and you press "turn" in a MP game, you can get stuck on on submitting game forever. Now if fails with a nice error message.


- Bug: Send private message to (null) when you tap on a stardate in the chat room. Fixed.
- Bug: When starbase suffers structure damage, it gains the ability to move. Fixed.

- Tweak: Lasers now have a 2x damage modifier against shields (was 1.5x)
- Tweak: Plasmas now have a 1.5x damage modifier against shields (was 2.0x)

- Tweak: "Hold Together" renamed to "Hold Position"
- Tweak: A sit-rep is now generated when you miss your turn and it is auto-advanced.
- Tweak: Combat movement points, combat engines, combat pilots, tyrrheneous all adjusted as per this forum thread


- Feature: new targeting order, "Multiple Ships", tells you ship to fire its complement of weapons on multiple random ships in range.

- Tweak: movement order "Hold Together" now has ships simply not move instead of using the flocking algorithm.
- Tweak: Fast missile launcher now applies to torpedoes as well.
- Tweak: All races and ships will now perform emergency combat repairs to ship structure during combat (ship structure will regenerate at a very small rate). This healing stacks with Fantastic Engineers and CLA healing.
- Tweak: Ships in combat will now lose movement speed the more structure damage they sustain ( right now its is half linear, so if you are at 50% structure lose 25% of your movement points )
- Tweak: Ships set to evasion or retreat will now suffer a 20% chance to miss with non-projectile weapons (so penalty does not apply to nukes or torpedo).
- Tweak: Nuclear missiles now do bonus damage to ship structure equal to 5% of the current ship structure (bonus damage only applies to damage that makes it past shields)
- Tweak: All base shield points are now double what they were. Shield base damage blocking changed to 2/4/6/8 (was 1/2/3/4).

- Tweak: Small minded Scientists renamed to Highly Focused Scientists
- Tweak: Persnickety morale penalty changed to -5% (was -10%)
- Tweak: Sanctioned Piracy morale penalty changed to -5% (was -10%)
- Tweak: Orbital labs flat bonuses changed to 10 / 20 / 30, maintenance raised to 4 (was 3).

- Bug: the in-game chat notification shows private messages between other players. Fixed.
- Bug: When playing in CloudAI and you build a ship with a custom name, the sitrep did not display the custom name. Fixed.
- Bug: reported issue of troops ships sent to protected system, and they get the "overwhleming" sitrep instead of the "they got themselves blown up" sitrep. Fixed.


- Feature: Tap the "PM" button to cycle through people in the game to send private messages to
- Feature: tap on a message in a game chat room to send a private message to that player.

- Tweak: There is a now a detail button in the system dialog, allowing you to see starbases at a system even if there is no fleet there.
- Bug: The chat notification can sometimes come in upside down. Should be fixed.
- Tweak: Starbases should now always be visible whether you've physically explored a star or not (just like fleets).
- Tweak: Adjusted the code that sets planet racials to allow it to set them after the first turn.
- Bug: Starbases were no longer placed in the center of the fleet. Fixed.
- Tweak: Adjusted the text for small minded scientist to stop referring to it as a penalty.
- Tweak: Changed the server to only send back the last 50 chats in a game chat room (for performance).


- Bug: Change in combat movement caused ship regeneration to be increased multiple times more than it should. Fixed.
- Tweak: Put list of current participants in the users area of the game screen.
- Tweak: added a spacey placeholder image for when you multitask out it is not just black
- Bug: Many more explosion sprites were being added to combat than they should be. Fixed, combat playback performance should improve dramatically.
- Bug: Surivial/Team games in MP were not setting their teams properly. Fixed.
- Bug: monsters have zero production cost, making them always run. Fixed.
- Tweak: During game chat messages now have a visual notification when not in a chat room.
- Tweak: Adjusted racial traits as per this forum thread


- Bug: Adding friend search text size was wrong. Fixed.
- Bug: Sometimes chat messages come across as null:null. Should be fixed.
- Bug: quick switching between planets will lose the leader portaint. Fixed.
- Bug: issue where in SP games racials could get added twice, causing them to print twice. Fixed, affected games need to press turn for it to fix itself.
- Bug: Military leaders do not show their service length after being bought. Fixed.
- Bug: Map affecting racials (huge/rich homeworld) broken... Fixed (for new games).
- Bug: Text input is wonky... fixed!
- Bug: Custom build focuses are broken in MP. Fixed.
- Bug: Spying issue where empire info spying events can happen erroneously. Should be fixed!
- Tweak: added a visual difference to fleet paths between the selected fleet and all other fleets.
- Tweak: the buddy list now contains a status item for each buddy; this reflects what they are currently doing
- Tweak: The main scroll table in MP should be less wonky about scrolling.
- Tweak: Keep players logged into the in-game chat room while playing (not just when they bring the window up)
- Tweak: Added a server heartbeat message to keep players connected to the server during long turns
- Tweak: Added a new sound for when a chat message happens
- Tweak: New sitrep for when leader service period are about to expire (5 turns out and 1 turn out)
-Tweak: Updated combat sitrep report according to this forum thread


- AI: Diplomatic relations with an empire that much "bigger" than your own will be harder to maintain.
- AI: Fix for issue where AI was able to overbuild abnormally many ships

- Tweak: starbases will now show up in fleet detail listing on the galaxy view
- Tweak: Adjustments made to how movement in combat processing code is handled (this forum thread)
- Tweak: When a player is scouted by an underwhelming force, they should get a sitrep noting that fact.
- Tweak: The overwhelming force warning should not happen when choosing a system managed by X. Fixed.

- Crash: Crashlytics reported crash in the AI's scouting code. Fixed.

- Feature: You can now enter games after Victory/Defeat for post-game review; all planets / graphs are viewable.
- Feature: Multiplayer games now run on a custom server, augmenting GameCenter for more multiplayer goodness.
- Feature: Cloud AI allows player turns to be processed in the cloud, taking advantage of more processing power than is available solely on your mobile device. Currently in beta, turn on Cloud AI will result in faster turn resolution and greater overall stability ( ie, the game should crash lass :-p )

- Bug: issue with non-combat ships and overwhelming force ([url=
tid=1722&pid=13124#pid13124]this forum thread[/url]). Fixed.
- Bug: issue with scouting fleets at starbases and overwhelming force (this forum thread). Fixed.
- Bug: issues with the scrap all button (this forum thread). Fixed.
- Bug: issue with AI bonuses turned off and fleet not upgrading. Fixed.

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