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Civic funding exploit
04-17-2013, 11:52 PM
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RE: Civic funding exploit
I agree with VanderLegion on the growth thing. The more people you have, the more breeding vessels you have. You could argue that the richer the population (measured in industry), the lower the birth rate. So poorer planets with no factories, robotics, etc should have a higher birth rate relative to richer planets.

I think I have a solution that is both logical (real-world) and will add the strategic elements of cost/benefit to the game.

1. Allow multiple cloning facilities, at 1 space per. Each one adds +100k/turn. The downside is the maintenance cost, space taken, time to build, resources to build. Cloning makes sense. An actual facility to technologically add breeding vessels. Currently, civic funding is acting like TEN cloning facilities. I don't even bother with cloning.

2. Treat civic funding more realistically. There is a base rate that is a combination of how full the planet is (which really should track how rich the people are, not how full the planet is) plus natural racial traits. Old-fashioned grows slower than baby boomers. The mechanism behind civic funding is, I imagine, government funded support for people having babies. Kindergeld in Germany (child-money). Nationalism. War-effort. Do your part, have kids! You can spend $1000 per person or $10,000,000, but you aren't going to get more than 1 child/year out of any child-bearing female (on average, and assuming your race has females). I would think the goal would be to up the number of children from something like 2 children/family to 6 (or so) at a max. And I would argue that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, a percentage of colony effort on civic funding (say 10 percent of GDP) would result in the desired societal changes. Any more is wasted effort.

So to treat civic funding more realistically, it should be tied to the "natural" growth rate of the population. I would argue that 2x or 3x this rate would top out the realistic spectrum.

The benefit of this is that people who take baby boomer really benefit - as they should. Old-fashioned suffers, as it should. 3x growth in old-fashioned is not very good. An old-fashioned race would probably want to rely on technology (cloning) to fill that gap.

How to implement?

1. Multiple cloning centers would be cool, but I can understand if that is difficult. But I love the idea.

2. Civic funding, I would argue, should be a 10 percent tax on economic output (including buildings, etc). The richer the nation, the harder to convince people to turn off their holovids and start breeding. Could be set up as a global thing (either you are promoting galactic growth or not) or at the planetary level. I don't see how that would work within the current game mechanics, though. You don't have a choice of choosing civic funding + build something. Which is why it would be nice to have at a global level toggle. If selected, all planets take a 10 percent penalty to production, but growth rate is 2x or 3x its natural rate globally.

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