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06-11-2013, 12:57 AM
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RE: Reinforcements
(06-10-2013 10:31 PM)Mezmorki Wrote:  I'm going to raise another point about the "overwhelming force" rule that I find irritating, as shown in this example:

Enemy AI sends 3 cruisers towards one of my undefended worlds. I jump my fleet over there to defend. Result: Enemy cruisers run away due to overwhelming force!

Seriously?! This wasn't an AI scouting force we are talkig about.

So in order to kill the cruisers I should have sent LESS than overwhelming force in order to engage them in battle, and by consequence risk more damage to my ships then they would otherwise take. Using overwhelming force, when force is called for, is one of the pillars of military doctrine - but apparently not in SO?

More to the point - how am I even supposed to be able to know if I'm sending overwhelming force or not? I can't see the total production value of the enemy fleet, let alone my own fleet to determine.

I'm being pretty honest when I say that this whole "overwhelming force" mechanic, as a band-aid solution to frigate spam tying down fleets, is having vastly more unintended consequences on gameplay than is being recognized. It isn't logical, its wierd, and causes problems. I know I'm ranting - but I think a more creative solution needs to be explored.

Frankly - how about overhwleming force just results in the smaller force being automatically eliminated with no battle. That would be infinetly better, more realistic, and avoid all the silly issues we now face.

Simple fix -- set a max production value for incoming fleet above which overwhelming force mechanic doesn't happen regardless of production total of defending fleet. Runs risk of people sending just above the max to tie up a big fleet but you could set max so that is an expensive strategy

More complicated fix -- do that and also implement a combat speed test where overwhelming force mechanic only occurs if ships from invading fleet have faster combat speed than defending fleet. Lots of complications in how you could do this but it's arguably the most realistic.
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