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Captain's Log, v1.0.1
05-12-2014, 12:16 PM (This post was last modified: 10-29-2014 12:19 AM by rocco.)
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Captain's Log, v1.0.1
Issues that have been identified and fixed for v1.0.1
Issues actively being worked on for inclusion in v1.0.1
Issues which are noted as nice features, but not yet committed too

- Tweak: When a player surrenders in a 1v1, the game should credit the other player with the kills for VP calculations. Now, when a player surrenders, they lose all of their victory points.

- Bug: Casual timer was resetting to 48 hours instead of 24 hours. Fixed.


- Bug: Changing to dawn while in game left a mashup of night and day graphics; fixed.


- Tweak: For "Sink the Derelicts", gave favorable wind to the player, removed all islands, made the spawn points closer
- Tweak: For "Defeat the Exhausted Patrol", gave favorable wind to the player

- Tweak: "Help - Transparent and replay descriptions are backwards. "
- Tweak: "Help - Undo/return to main menu isn't part of the help"

- Tweak: For night missions, "dawn" will now arrive on turn 40.


- Feature: New Practice Mission: Sink the Derelicts
- Feature: New Practice Mission: Sink the Exhausted Patrol

- Tweak: Made the >>>>> button a little more obvious as to its function.
- Tweak: Movement lines in the replay for night mode were hard to see; fixed.

- Bug: Night graphics with the "low" graphics setting needs to be more... night-like. Fixed.

- Tweak: Added a Miscellaneous page to the in-game help


- Tweak: Changed new games from the "Tourney Timer" to the "Casual Timer".
- Bug: the camera centers on all ships, implying direction to ships which are not visible. Camera should center on visible ships only. Fixed.


- Tweak: Added a "You placed no orders!" dialog when pressing end turn with no orders logged.

- Bug: There was a one second delay when pressing end turn before the submit dialog appeared. Fixed.
- Bug: Sunk ships outside of visible range cause the "red movement arrow" signifying a collision. Fixed.
- Bug: Ships were able too shoot outside of their visible range. Fixed.
- Bug: damage text is still being displayed when outside of vision. Fixed.


- Bug: I changed some API over to get push notifications working on iOS8; apparently this caused a crash on iOS7. Fixed.
- Bug: the camera centers on all ships, implying direction to ships which are not visible. Camera should center on visible ships only. Fixed.


- Bug: A race condition existed where, if the AI processed its turn too quickly, it would leave a broken waiting dialog on the screen. Should be fixed.
- Bug: Scrolling and picking cards is hard on iOS 8. Fixed.
- Bug: The "view results" button was misaligned. Fixed.
- Bug: Notifications were not getting registered for, because Apple changed some APIs. Should be fixed.

- Tweak: Ships on fire at night now glow.


- Feature: New card, "Calm Before The Storm", all other cards played this turn are cancelled and returned to their owner.
- Feature: New card, "Sailmaster's Repair", repairs 50% of total sails at the end of the turn for one ship.
- Feature: Night battles (limited vision)
- Feature: New custom mission, Naval Duel
- Feature: New historical mission, La Cléopâtre vs the HMS Nymphe.
- Feature: New historical mission, the USS Constellation vs La Vengeance.
- Feature: New historical mission, the USS Ranger vs the HMS Drake.
- Feature: Added some in-game help screens.
- Feature: You can now optionally choose for custom games to happen at day or night.
- Feature: You can now have custom games without a turn timer.

- Tweak: Changed how adding friends work; make it so that when you type in a name, and then tap on said name, it brings up a yes/no dialog to add that person as a frend, thus allowing to ignore the moderately confusing "Add Friend" button.
- Tweak: Favorable Wind is immune to "Calm Before The Storm" card.
- Tweak: Cannon fire now has a little muzzle flash animation; helps illuminate things during night battles.
- Tweak: Turn limit raised to 60 across the board (was 40)
- Tweak: Added quick explanation of colored damage text in how to play.
- Tweak: Crew focus repairs now has a maximum repair of 400 pts; this fixes an issue in historical missions where their inflated hit points caused repairs to be too large.
- Tweak: Video replay's now contain the Turn # displayed in the bottom left.
- Tweak: Before, the system would wait approximate 16 minutes for each 1000 esteem point difference between players when matching in the arena. This has meant that, since NT does not have sufficient players, lower level Captains were being matched consistently with the Admirals of the Fleet. Now, it will wait approximately one day for each 1000 point difference in Esteem Points. Thus, new players (with 300 EP) will have to be waiting approximately 1 week before they would be matched with the current Admiral of the Fleet ( with 7500 EP).

- Bug: Quitting a Merchant mission early can deny the winner a victory. Fixed.
- Bug: Reports of damage text is still being displayed while a ship is in the fog of war. Fixed.

- Tweak: Add more polish to the video replays (player names and teams in beginning, ducking audio at the end, victory screen?)
- Feature: Add a button to the main game view which will toggle through "Hide Mission Text", "Hide Text and Buttons", and "Normal View". Good for taking screenshots.
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