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Update Log, v0.9
07-15-2014, 11:56 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2014 11:48 AM by rocco.)
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Update Log, v0.9
Issues that have been identified and fixed for v0.9
Issues actively being worked on for inclusion in v0.9
Issues which are planned to be addressed, may or may not make it into v0.9


- Android: Properly supports the Android back button.
- Bug: Hanifer's level data was messed up, allowing the AI to path to hexes which the player could not. Fixed.
- Bug: Issues when rotating the device while the cards are dealing, or during the "tap to begin" screen. Fixed.


- Bug: warp gates were misdrawing on screens where the board had to scale up.
- Bug: Things got all messed up with rotating the device during dealing or on the initial "tap to begin" screen. Fixed.


- Bug: The capture screen is messed up if you enter a game in one orientation and then switch to a different orientation.
- Tweak: Hitting "x" on the score screen when the game is over now takes you straight out to the main menu.


- Tweak: The black cover for when AI is thinking was not rotating properly on orientation change. Fixed.
- Tweak: Card shadows are now disabled when the cards are on the capture pile, fixing the ugly "black halo" effect
- Tweak: Moved some of the card positions around in landscape mode

- Bug: victory screen displaying under the score screen; fixed.
- Bug: crash bug when leaving a game to go to the main menu.


- Tweak: Re-arranges some of the UI elements in the game screen
- Tweak: Red stars now correlate to the other player's starting positions, ditto with blue stars
- Tweak: Removed the "stars" scoring mechanic, now displays number of wins / losses.
- Tweak: There is now a bug report button
- Tweak: Performance improvements around in-game drawing
- Tweak: New background artwork on the game screen

- Feature: Each opponent has a unique map to play on
- Feature: Supports both landscape and portrait modes

- Crash: Fixed a bug where the game would crash if the device was set to a language other than English.


- Tweak: Added crashlytics.
- Bug: when loading back into the main menu, if you tap on leader it may stay invisible. fixed.
- Bug: reported game where red had 2 points and blue had 1 point, it was labelled as a tie instead of a defeat. Should be fixed.

- AI: made a better AI.

- Tweak: Updated help with more information for how to upgrade cards, and how to move cards around the board.
- Bug: Worse games could cause your star rating in a level to be lowered. Fixed.

- Feature: expanded the score screen to show pertinent information about each score

- Share games between cross-platform devices (DropBox API?)
- Use mouse scroll to control scroll views

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08-04-2019, 07:55 PM
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Update Log v0 9
No Sister-Mage-bunker? I like all the shooting you have in there. Will your mages be safe with no fast cav bunker or EG block to hold up units?
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