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Planet Gifting
12-06-2014, 04:41 AM
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RE: Planet Gifting
(12-06-2014 04:17 AM)sfatula Wrote:  
(12-06-2014 02:51 AM)Diebo Wrote:  Be interesting to think about Team Strict.

Gifting planets has other quirks outside of creating Master/Slave relationships. Should you really be able to scrap 3000 industry on a secondary planet, gift it, and have the other player throw up a starbase 3 in 3 turns? Or have the science nerd hoard industry on a planet, gift it to a industry partner, have them build the colony ships, then gift back so that the colony ships come from the industry race (even though the entire population that created the colony ship was all science types)?

What exactly does Team Strict limit you to?

Well, yes, you should be able to. If you hoarded up 3,000 production and did not gift it, you could build SB, right? So, why shouldn't you be able to? Why would hoarded industry not still be hoarded when the government shifts?

I am not suggesting that hoarded industry is a bad thing, but it does open up loopholes and is not consistent. If a colony with 20 science types produces a colony ship, the people on it should be scientists. It will - if the administrator (player) is a science type. But if they are an industry type, it will populate an industry build.

And if you can hoard industry, and that is Ok, why is it not Ok to do it in more practical manner? Why build a ship, take it to a system with a starbase, scrap it, hoard all of it on a tiny, mineral poor low gravity planet, gift the planet, and then allow your ally to (with their 1 population) build a starbase in 3 turns? Why not just gift them the ships in the first place? Or gift them industry directly (i.e., send over 100 industry/turn to either a specific planet, or to a system)?

Logically, sharing industry and science make sense. Allies do it. But with the current game mechanics, you sometimes have to resort to loopholes. And some of those don't make sense.

Gifting planets with stored industry is the only way currently to directly distribute industry between allies. It is a goofy way to do it. I like the idea of industry ships (like troop ships, only when they land they deploy stored industry) that was discussed some time back. And it makes sense to be able to gift ships to each other.
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12-06-2014, 04:51 AM
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RE: Planet Gifting
But my example is spot on! It *does* make sense, perfect sense. The issue in question here was planet gifting, I *love* planet gifting and take issue with removing it. though, if it's a game option, I suppose that is not an issue of course. I am suggesting, as I think you are, that gifting is not the issue, it's other game mechanics.

I see absolutely zero inconsistencies or issue with hoarding, gifting, and he builds it. I see gifting as one guy, whoever the president is, taking over. So, for me, it makes sense. Nothing would have changed except government. Could it be done such that I build the second SB and gift to you? I suppose so, but, why can you build a second one and I cannot, perhaps that is the issue?

The main reason I've seen brought up lately is the trait issue. But yes, there are other issues. I just don't see any major problem of planet gifting, except, the trait issue. I don't disagree it makes sense to gift industry, ships, etc. But planet gifting DOES make sense, at least to me. And there are many valid reasons for doing so, and if it's just a government change, then, I should be able to gift my researcher an alien ruins so he can use it, right?

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