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Idea for an automated Orion League
06-10-2015, 07:57 AM
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Idea for an automated Orion League
Ranked/competitive mode:

This idea comes from league of legends and would basically be an automated orion league, (since managing it manually can be a lot of work for one person.) There would be a separate mode called ranked mode. Players would be given an initial certain amount of elo (rank) which would fluctuate according to a formula depending on who won and who lost. (The formula would have to be sorted out, but it'd probably be similar to the one used in chess.) Defeating a more difficult opponent would make for a slightly more dramatic change in rank than two people who are nearly equally matched.

In league of legends there are ten placement matches to get a rough idea of one's elo (they call it your rank actually.) We could also guestimate the initial elo values from the existing orion league.

Optionally, high elo could begin to decay if you don't play any games within say six months, (in league of legends rank decay sets in after a month) to take into account that people get rusty / don't keep up with the newest patches.

(If someone wanted to make it more competitive someone could only play it after doing say ten games in multiplayer.)

The biggest benefit of this system is once the game had an average idea of your overall average ranking, it could offer better matchmaking suggestions within that mode for people of a similar rank, who recently visited the spacebar. (The rank could be added to the profile too.) So with this tweak the current find a random partner setting would become useful.
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06-10-2015, 08:45 AM
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RE: Idea for an automated Orion League
I don't recall 100%, but I think rocco has said there'll be a ranked mode for SO2.

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