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Irregular galaxy maps
06-11-2015, 07:11 AM
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Irregular galaxy maps
I'd like to see irregular "colliding" galaxies. Like two small galaxies colliding at the tips ( what will happen with the milky way and Andromeda. It'd allow for players to battle local players in total ignorance of what was happening to the other half of the players in the other galaxy.

There could even be a huge void between the galaxies requiring fuel cell or a wormhole to cross. Then when you conquered one galaxy there would be a moment of truth - can you conqueor the other? Or maybe starbase orion 2 could even allow for two galaxies to crash into each other after a certain number of turns, throwing two sets of powers into complete conflict. (Or maybe there would be a sitrep after 50 turns - wormhole have appeared....on existing stars!)

See the mice galaxies.

Oh and the antella galaxy would be cool. Imagine being spawned on one of the few antenna arms for many turns while the nucleus were at war.

Naturally these galaxies would be less fair, and similar to a random galaxy setting. They would allow for unusual chokepoints and strategies though.

Oh and I thought of another togglable idea just now....fog of war. Make it so you can't see much further into the galaxy than the stars you're at, so you don't even know which way to expand to reach the center! You could spend the whole game thinking you're expanding toward the center on an irregular galaxy, only to find out you were expanding toward an arm.

The idea are pretty much limitness once you abandon symentrical galaxies. I'm quite fond of the idea of voids in space, which could then have little "islands" that would tend to be rich in special planets.

(They could also be tiny satelite star clusters far from the outer rim of a galaxy, like our Magellanic Clouds. The player would then be tempted to take a risk and not expand to the center, but toward one of those clusters in the hopes it might have rich ancient civilizations / treasure. You might even get games where someone's home planet was destroyed but they retreated to the isolated island cluster, and they could hold out there like Napolean on Elba, and possibly return to invade again. (More likely on a free for all or team game, especially if the star cluster had very productive planets.)

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