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Cheapest Fastest way to defeat monsters
02-10-2016, 02:38 AM (This post was last modified: 06-21-2016 03:09 PM by Lojikfool.)
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Cheapest Fastest way to defeat monsters
Have discovered a small gap in everyone's knowledge regarding monsters. It's relating to the change in weapon ranges and how that affects taking out monsters. With weapon ranges now as follows

5 Gauss
11 Ion IPC
13 Laser
15 Proton / Nuke Missle
17 Plasma

The quickest/cheapest way to kill monsters is as follows:

Turn 1: Send in a nuke 1 frigate on evasion, we'll call this the dummy frigate.

Turn 2: Send in additional nuke 1 frigates as follows (no more, no less) and set all to max weapon range.

Dark Matter: 1 more (total 2)
Amoeba: 3 more (total 4)
Crystal: 7 more (total 8)

About 90% of the time you will lose 0 or 1 frigate. About 10% of the time you will lose everyone. It can be worth the risk. But don't get so caught up in monsters that you forget about your opponent, as happened to me during field tests.

This dummy frigate technique works because your reinforcements usually (90%) come into the battle arena at increased range from the monsters). The 10% fail is when your reinforcements arrive on top of the monsters. I'm estimating the 90%/10% based on tests but i suspect the success chance may be even higher as the battle arena is very large.

There are other implications for the dummy frigate technique in fleet battles. Basically anytime your weapons are longer range than your opponents it could give you an advantage, for the loss of 1 frigate. For example plasma vs laser or missles/torpedoes.

Gl hf!

Credit to Newfie Artist for getting new to share this, I said I would if he beat me and he did.

Update: need more testing on Amoeba, could be 5 n1 frigates without using a dummy frigate more efficient.
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02-11-2016, 10:07 AM (This post was last modified: 02-11-2016 10:13 AM by Sanbi.)
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RE: Cheapest Fastest way to defeat monsters
Have you tested it with combat traits? Your fleet might be able to run away with combat pilots more often, idk. It still sounds like a bad gamble even for a 9/10 success rate. Losing five nuke 1 ships early game can leave you very vulnerable when you could just wait a little longer for better tech like nuke III/bigger ships to take it safely. Nuke 1 isnt that useful against players after that anyway.

On advanced empire with full combat traits you can now often kill an amoeba with just your starting ships without losing any of them if you keep max range. But your fleet is badly damaged so if someone sees you attack it, they could annihilate you. Crystals are still unkillable though with the starting fleet because they're titans with deadly ipc.
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02-12-2016, 12:36 AM
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RE: Cheapest Fastest way to defeat monsters
There's been a lot of discussion about ce and cp against monsters. I have not tested but ai imagine you could kill the monsters with no losses with the same fleet size with no need for a dummy frigate and hence no chance of your reinforcements getting slaughtered. Please do test and let us know.

My interest here is the fastest and cheapest way to kill monsters without ce or cp so so the valuable race trait points and research points can be spent elsewhere.
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