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Feature Request: Better AI
02-23-2016, 07:16 AM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2016 07:17 AM by Eurobama.)
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Lightbulb Feature Request: Better AI
I would like a better AI for Starbase Orion.

Here are a few issues with the current AI that could be addressed:

1. AI ignores systems with monsters. It should attack the monsters and colonize the planets.

2. AI expands way too slow and ignores too many planets. It should expand more quickly in the beginning at the expense of building a fleet like a human player and not be so picky about which planet it will colonize.

3. AI is bad at capturing planets. If attempting to take over a planet it should wait until it has enough troop ships to take over the planet out right. Right now it uses the troop ships as soon as they land. This makes it almost impossible for the AI to capture a Arid or better planet that has marine barracks 2 built on it.

4. AI wastes turns by ignoring wormholes. It'll use one turn to let a scout go through a wormhole, but then doesn't use them to return.

5. AI ignores too many leaders or doesn't bid enough on them. AI should be able to dismiss a leader if it thinks it can bid enough to get a better leader.

6. AI doesn't defend early colonies (Cloud AI is better about this). If the AI puts a starter colony close enough to me within the first 40 moves, I can often build a troop ship, take over the colony, and abandon it immediately without the AI caring. The AI should attempt to place a scout or other small ship in a system that it sees a single troop ship could attack or it should build quickly build a marine barracks on the planet.


I would like an AI that could challenge a player using custom builds on 1v1 maps. I will say the Cloud AI is better than the baked in AI, but still can be fairly easy to beat.

The most challenging single-player games I can make use a small or medium cluster map with 7 Impossible + Bonus AI opponents.

I not saying the AI awful, it was great to for training. I've been able to hold my own against human players. I just wish it could be tweaked to have a few less blind spots that can be exploited.

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02-23-2016, 08:02 AM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2016 08:06 AM by Sanbi.)
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RE: Feature Request: Better AI
I think it might be nice if there were different AI profiles with different behavior to make it less predictable. The AI could either be randomly assigned a profile like "expand aggressively early game, build an amazing spy army, attack whoever your ally attacks, ignore your ally's actions (it does this now), or play the late game", be automatically assigned one that fit with its race, or alternate between profiles during the game to make it more human and harder predict (even if that means it doesn't always make the optimal decision). There could be a setting to disable this if balancing it was tricky, or it could only be toggled on higher settings with bonuses.

I would really like to see the AI fight on neutral stars, and assign a value to each planet based on the knowledge it has, so it would attack worlds based on their productivity/homeworld, etc, and not just geography.

Likewise there could be multiple sets of strategies for the fleets, which could vary depending on the tech that is invested in and what the AI saw you had built after an encounter or after stealing tech, or after doing a rock paper scissors prediction. (It could have a checklist for tech it knows you have, and related tech you are likely to research, and react to that checklist, avoiding nukes/protons if it saw you had ecm/were ready to research ecm, or had put it and pds on most of your ships.)

Currently the AI puts pds on everything and a bit of every sort of weapon because that's generally safe. It would add replay to single player if the AI would take different risks in each game and build for variety, or just gamble by investing straight down one tech route. It might ignore gauss and lasers for a nuke rush, or go for a gauss rush. It might build gauss/laser only ships with nuke only pds escorts, or plasma only frigates with combat engines or cruisers, etc. All this tweaking could be under an option "human-like AI."

The AI could even scout fleets/planets with weaponless drones on easier settings, and just be ominiescent and know the perfect counter on "impossible with bonuses." I have no idea how much computation power this would take though.
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03-20-2016, 01:26 AM
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RE: Feature Request: Better AI
I've always liked the idea of personality based AI, but don't really ever see it. Most of the time it's just slight tweaks to a basic AI. I suppose it takes more time to program what are in some respects separate AIs and can create problems with game balance.

Still, in a 4x game I'd like to see AI personalities based on one of the 4x's. The explorers would concentrate on exploration. I suppose their great strength would be they would know where all the best planets are and would have a lot of allies or at least have non-aggression pacts. Their weakness would be their colonies would be widely spread and a general unpreparedness for war.

The expanders would do everything they could to grow in population and planets and defend those. Their great strength would be a large amount of colonies. Their weakness would be a lot of these colonies would not be greatly developed.

I would make the explorers and expanders generally more peaceful and more likely to offer peace during a war.

The exploiters would be the spy masters and manipulators of the Galaxy. They would do things like form an alliance with a warlike race and give them industrial and military technology or form an alliance with a race only to make spying easier. Their strength would be less ships and industry and more intelligence.

The exterminators would be the warlike race of the Galaxy. Everything would be thrown into industry and military technology. They would seek out rich and untra rich worlds. More importantly, they would be good at war. They wouldn't act like idiots in where they sent their ships.

And speaking of AIs in general, why do so many not have a survival instinct? Their goal should be to win the game and dying is not winning.
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05-21-2019, 03:24 AM
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Ostatni post
I know I have never posted, I came here at the urging of a friend and it wont let me post in "physics". testing to see if i can post in here.
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