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Custom Race Attributes
10-12-2011, 12:31 PM
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Custom Race Attributes
Due to a formatting error on the iPhone and iPods, some of the text for the custom race attributes is cut off. We'll get that fixed in the 1.0.3 update, but until then here are the full descriptions:

Inadequate Farmers
-1/2 Food Per Farmer
This race has trouble working the land, and has reduced farming output because of that.

Proficient Farmers
+1 Food Per Farmer
This race is naturally talented at growing food.

Plant Whisperers
+2 Food Per Farmer
Beings of this race have an affinity with plants, allowing them to grow food at alarming rates.

Slow as Sloths
-1 Industry Per Worker
Workers of this race are lazier than average, reducing their industrial output.

Industrious Individuals
+1 Industry Per Worker
Workers of this race are more industrious than average, doubling their industrial output.

Amazing Industrialists
+2 Industry Per Worker
Workers of this race have both great strength and stamina, allowing them to work unnaturally long shifts.

Slow Thinkers
-1 Research Per Scientist
Memebers of this race are not the brightest, and their research suffers for this.

Quick Thinkers
+1 Research Per Scientist
Scientists in this race make connections between theories faster than the average race.

Borderline Genius
+2 Research Per Scientist
Researchers in this race have beautiful minds, increasing their research output.

Thrift Spenders
-1/2 Credit Per Population
Members of this race are very frugal with their money, providing less of it to the empire.

Prosperous Businessmen
+1/2 Credit Per Population
A race of merchants and businessmen allow of the populace to provide more money to the empire.

Money Lenders
+1 Credit Per Population
This race has long standing wealth and patriotism, increasing tax collection for the empire.

Old Fashioned
-50% Growth Rate
This race is generally longer lived and not in a hurry to generate offspring.

Fertile Biology
+50% Growth Rate
Beings of this race generate offspring more frequently than the average race.

Baby Boomers
+100% Growth Rate
A race of beings that habitually does not teach their young about the birds and the bees.

Low Gravity Affinity
No penalty on low gravity worlds, increased penalties on normal and high gravity worlds

High Gravity Affinity
Race is tolerant of all gravity types, negating all world gravity penalties

Large Homeworld
Race begins the game on a large size homeworld, instead of a medium homeworld

Small Homeworld
Race begins the game with a small homeworld, instead of a medium homeworld

Rich Homeworld
Race beings the game with a mineral rich homeworld

Poor Homeworld
Race begins the game with a mineral poor homeworld

Galactic Navigators
Naturals at space traval, these races enjoy increased travel speeds and extended fuel range.

Combat Pilots
Race is highly accustomed to the rigors of close combat high-speed maneuvering, resulting in increased combat speed and maneuverability across all ships.

Race is composed of individuals who express some form of free thought and creativity. Being able to differentiate in such a manner allows these beings to enjoy life to the fullest, providing an boon in morale.

Brilliant Researchers
The race as a whole is naturally brilliant. Scientists in this race have a chance per scientific breakthrough to gain access to addtional technology of the same type.

Small Minded Scientists
While this race's scientists may be smart, they tend to corral themselves down a few select paths. Races with this penalty have more options at each research stage to choose from, limiting the total number of research projects they will be able to fund.

Battle Hardened
The race has evolved on a world constantly thrown into internal strife and conflict. While tragic, this has also instilled the individuals of this race with keen instincts on battle tactics and designs, as well as formulating a culture that is accustomed to violence. These races enjoy an increase in command points, as well as a +10% to ship armor and structure.

Shared Intelligence
Beings of this race flourish when surrounded by more of their kind, resulting in bonuses to their productivity in high populations. However, these races suffer a penalty in low populations as their collective intelligence is drastically reduced.

Fantastic Engineers
The race is naturally adapt at technology and machinery, allowing them to repair their ships while in combat.

The race is naturally likeable and pleasing to be around. Recruiting spies is cheaper, and they gain a +20% bonus to spying.

The race is untrusting and generally not pleasing to be around. Recruiting spies is more expensive, and they suffer a -20% penality to spying.

Highly Trained Smugglers
Highly trained in the arts of smuggling, this race has tools and techniques for moving their ships around without being detected. Planets of this race cannot be blockaided by an enemy fleet smaller than 4 ships. Also, their fleets are harder to detect by long range scanners.

Sanctioned Piracy
Take what you can, give nothing back! The government of this race sanctions piracy and looting. When you blockaide enemy planets with your fleets, they will spend their time raiding and looting the populace providing your government with additional income from the spoils. However, sanctioned piracy does disturb the peace in your own empire, causing a -10% reduction in morale.

This race is naturally fussy, obsessing over small details while leaving more manual tasks undone. Persnickety races suffer a -10% to morale and -10% to farming. However, their fussiness does prove useful in streamlining production and research, resulting in +20% production and +20% research.
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