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Pro Tips Thread
09-22-2014, 01:54 AM
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RE: Pro Tips Thread
If your opponent has acquired the services of the Bunny, when you go on offense scout ahead before sending in your fleet so you can avoid his burrow until the time is right.
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09-26-2014, 08:37 PM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2016 04:22 AM by Sanbi.)
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RE: Pro Tips Thread
- breed enemy populations to aquire new strengths
- transfer citizens to very minerally rich planets to expand faster
- avoid colonizing minerally poor planets until you have colony II ships
- when crossing long distances, send your ships to nearby protected stars to prevent ambushes
- grouped ships will last longer, but split fleets can surprise opponents
- sanctioned piracy is great for an early offense, snowballing a winning campaign, or capturing passed technology
- try to fill up to your command limit before going to war
- stockpile economic hoarding to instantly build replacements for lost ships
- use custom builds so you don't automatically build a barracks and starbase on every planet on the back line
- use "sort options" on the empire screen to scan for buildings you've forgotten to build
- nuke 1 is generally only good for its 5% bonus damage to current hp on a starbase
- nuke ships are good for sniping enemy leader ships, and doing enough structural damage to slow down fast ships so your close range ships can intercept them
- escort important ships to protect them

- you can tell someone has only recently picked up the game when they only research and build nuke 1 ships because "nuclear warhead" sounds op, and then they don't know they need to disengage after running out of ammo; just rush them with anything that can survive: you won't even need point defense to win. (Edit: no longer applies now that nukes have unlimited ammo.)
- upon first contact don't neglect military research or ship building in favor of starbases and excessive civil research; you will be suddenly overrun before you can benefit from scales of economy
- don't scout with large ships
- deep space jammer does not actually make your ships completely invisible en route (it just masks all ships other than the battleship)
- pay attention to the gravity rating of a planet and not just the mineral content

Disengage tips:
- disengage gives more options than retreat
- if you retreat from the enemy fleet, prepare for a fast ambush on the planet your ships return to
- scout ships have time to disengage from all monsters, except dark matter
- always retreat from dark matter; combat pilots will also improve your success
- you can use the disengage command to escape when trapped outside of fuel cell range
- you can use disengage to take shortcuts through monster-controlled wormholes,
- if you have Cla-TK-7-7A, you can attack a monster controlled planet and then disengage to heal all of your wounded ships
- Avoid using Mortis Wretch with a fleet of nuke ships; you could run out of ammo, be frigate locked, and unable to disengage (edit: no longer applies in new patch)
- when you're outbid on cerebrum, spam spies to even the technological playing field
- for teamfights it's better to have at least one player on industry and one on research
- you can also have one player with high gravity, one player who is a spy, and one fighter with combat traits for an early rush/defense

- lasers are the safest and most versatile weapon
- starbase II with ecm can survive a huge and advanced nuke fleet
- a solar system can have more than one allied starbase
- build hybrid fleets for more options
- the bonus damage from nuke ships destroys bulkheads on starbases
- gauss is good for finishing off ships and starbases
- try to build a starbase the instant an opponent attacks for a nasty surprise, unless you expect to be be surprised by a faster stardrive
- keep your lightly armed scif ships out of battles
- 2 scif ships are enough for an amazing contact rating
- set offensive spies to disrupt military when you see a fleet approaching, and when on the offensive set them to disrupt civil for a chance at destroying a starbase
- set spies to disrupt empire to steal from rich opponents
- gathering intel let's you gauge the relative strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and prepare matching strategies

Tricks and Strategies:
- you can surprise an opponent by attacking the second you get an improved stardrive
- you can lull an opponent into thinking your stardrive is slow by sending a ship wending toward a border planet in plain sight before getting improved stardrive, and not moving your ships afterwars
- when attacked, build one weaponless frigate for 80 production to cheaply slow down a massive incoming fleet for one whole turn
-evacuate your colonists off-world to force an invading opponent to build colony ships to reach you
- if you evacuate your colonists offworld on the turn you're attacked, you can keep a doomed starbase for one turn before it fades away with the colony
- if you're not going to evacuate a planet's citizens, at least build a barracks and make some marines; it only costs 40 production to force an opponent to build two troop ships at 130 production each to take your planet.
- if you build marine barracks II, collect 20 marines, scrap all buildings, and then evacuate all but one of your colonists, your opponent might not think it is immediately worth capturing, but will probably still be forced to waste a ship blockading it so you can't build a starbase
- you can even use unarmed ships and troopships for blockades (edit: no longer applies.)
- you can tell if you are blockading (or orbiting) an enemy planet by whether there is a red circle under it

- try to bait your opponent into attacking a useless ship so you can predict their weapons configuration and research direction
-build starbases and ships that can counter known weapon configurations
- track the course of ships with known weapons configurations to win battles
- never underestimate the power of surprise and misdirection
- you can mask your ship configurations by naming every single ship scout
- you can confuse yourself by naming every ship scout

- A good defense is a strong offense: When you are attacked by a stronger fleet, sometimes its better to just counterattack the opponent's worlds thereby forcing him to call his fleet home for a game of cat and mouse.

- starbase orion is an attrition simulator: with a stronger economy you can lose more ships in every battle and still win the war
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01-30-2016, 05:25 AM (This post was last modified: 02-06-2016 07:48 PM by Sanbi.)
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RE: Pro Tips Thread
Current patch FFA strategies:

(The industry build, research build, hybrid build, and the population build are well known, but here I'll talk about the fighter, spy and money builds.)

All builds hit their peak either in the early, middle, or late game, and therefore there is a rock-paper-scissors dynamic at any point in the game. There are exceptions, but it runs like this:

Industry/fighter = good very early game
Industry/spy build = good mid game
Industry/research hybrid = good mid game
Research build = good late game
Money build with fertile population = good very late game

(You should counter-play by switching strategies when you see what your opponent is doing.)

Fighter build:

lot's of combat traits, industry and natural tinkerers. Take sanctioned piracy if you are going for an early rush and hold onto your cruiser because battle hardened/engineers gives you a ton of early armor. Research nukes and gauss to kill a sb quickly (lasers are nice too). Rush ships as soon as you get a millitary tech, then target your closest weak neighbor and try to sieze his planets. It's a gamble, but if he underestimates you and doesn't evacuate his home world, you'll have a material and technological edge for the rest of the game.

Bring charismatic too so you can lay a siege with spies. Don't overbuild either because you might have to evacuate some planets, and when you do, you might want to use "starvation economics" if you are overpopulated.

Weaknesses are that you have to give up economic boosts for the combat traits, making this a gamble late game. You will build ships instead of colony ships and buildings, on the assumption you can capture planets that will make it worth it later.

There is also a psychological danger - when you start killing other empires the size of your territory spreads and you are rightfully recognized as a bigger threat. You are thus more likely to be ganged up on, than if you quietly built ships in a corner of the galaxy.

Still a very fun zerg build. Try it!

Spy build:

Bring charismatic and natural tinkerers and focus on production. (Can also bring broad-minded to research spy tech faster. You don't need smugglers. You do need fuel cells, scif, cloaking device, and forty to seventy spies.

Keep a low profile and don't attack anyone. Focus on stealing tech at first. Don't focus on disrupting empire or civil, because then they will know for sure you got a spy hit, and will respond. Build multiple scif ships and park them outside of their territory. Alternatively spy on different empires to make use of the a boost that grows in the turns when you haven't had a successful spy hit on an empire. By spying on multiple empires you will effectively keep up with a tech build, or plunder half-all the money of someone's money build. In an 8 way you can easily become the most technologically advanced player in the game, because you'll pool the research that other smpires skipped.

The great thing about spies is that unless you set them to disrupt military, they hardly die, so your spy army can last the whole game. Once your opponents start researching colonial security and building their own spies, you can put more of them on the defense and switch to ship production with the tech you stole. If you are attacked, disrupt millitary to delay a fleet or cheaply pick off ships. Use disrupt empire to dismiss enemy leaders. When you attack, disrupt millitary and disrupt civil can delete enemy starbases.

If you are up against a spy build, burn colonies to keep away, attack their scif ships, and build defensive spies and/or go on the offense with your own spies. Build unarmed frigates and send them randomly around the galaxy so they are blown up or delayed instead of your bigger ships. When you are ready to attack, send your ships from multiple different stars so their movements can't all be delayed at the same time, (which might allow an opponent with a good star drive to ignore your attack and do a counter-attack instead.)

Money build:

Bring money traits, shared intel, robust techies, and a fertility boost. Research trade ports early and spend your extra gold early on buildings you need. Late game you can switch to production. It's actually a very versatile build.

Key thing is now you can win any important leader, especially if a game-changing leader wasn't banned. It's a more useful build in a one on one, or a team game than in a FFA though. With this build you will want exo-politics (and maybe charismatic) since you can easily win leaders.

Just try to spend the money before a spy build steals it away. Late game you will have large terrans with trade ports, and your empire can easily earn 200 gold a turn.

Finally, farming is more powerful for all builds than in the last patch. Larger ships ought to be more powerful too, except the buffed spy build has made them dangerous to build.
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02-22-2016, 01:58 PM
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RE: Pro Tips Thread
If you're having trouble with spies taking your credits and want to quickly turn it into production but don't have anything to spend it on yet (or you're afraid to turn it into a SB or ship when the spies might blow it up) there is a trick. Design a new ship that will eat up exactly the amount of credits you have. Rush that ship at a planet, and then on the same turn delete the ship design. It will now say it's going to build "null." The next turn there will be no new ship, and all of the credits we be converted into stored production!

You can also use morph's glitchiness to combine fleets.
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