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I could've been somebody (in other words rocco, help!)
04-16-2012, 10:52 AM (This post was last modified: 04-16-2012 11:17 AM by Mack the Knife.)
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I could've been somebody (in other words rocco, help!)
howdy, a question (whine) from a new player.

never played MOO but have been around strategy games a while and just picked up this game for my iPad 2. I looked at the Help information and read thru the tutorial and started a game on Easy, medium galaxy, 1 AI. to my thinking, EASY means "let the guy win", ok? there are other levels of difficulty for the rest of you but EASY should be EASY! hand hold me until i "get" the game then i'll play on harder levels but on EASY, frickin' make it easy for me!

i'm only talking about my first (and only) game so far BUT i found 0 (ZERO!) stars nearby that had suitable planets, all toxic or radiated. again, you would think on EASY! there would be a plethora of TERRAN or GAIA planets just to let me settle in nice and cozy and see how things work. not a decent planet anywhere. also, 3 of the closet stars had amoeba's and some other thing that i had to retreat from each time. again, don't confront me with obstacles this early in the game! i need to learn stuff first. getting frustrated, i sent one of my military ships out and poof, blown out of the water by a stinking parasite.

so, in conclusion i had no fun. i hardly learned a thing because the game got in my face from the start and did not let me advance slow and easy thru the mechanics until i felt comfortable. i don't want a challenge now, i want to learn the game and that's what the EASY setting is supposed to do. what do you guys think? those not thinking i'm a momma's boy please tell me the best way to get started. i don't want to beat the game i just want to learn it...thanks
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04-16-2012, 12:12 PM
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RE: I could've been somebody (in other words rocco, help!)
Toxic and radiated planets are fine to colonize, especially if Rich or Very Rich. Mineral wealth is generally more important than climate, since you tend to put a lot more planets into industry than producing food.

Also keep in mind that your enemies are facing the same challenges you are, since the galaxy is mirrored. The difficulty refers to the AI of the enemy empires, not the galactic environment. in short, settle those planets and keep expanding.
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