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Balancing Spies
05-11-2013, 04:41 AM (This post was last modified: 05-11-2013 04:43 AM by JeffP64FL.)
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RE: Balancing Spies
Okay, I've scanned this thread and haven't seen these two suggestions yet. I hope I didn't miss them if they've already been presented:

But first I gotta say two things:
#1 - I haven't played multiplayer yet, so my suggestion may be short-sighted because of this.
#2 - This is the mostest awesomest 4X game I have ever played (and I've played many) and even better is that I can play it on my ipad. Thanks for making this game!

Early on in my spy network building, I'll concentrate spies in one enemy zone at a time until I get information on them that I can see in the history graph. That way I'll know how I compare. When I meet another opponent, I'll move all my spies to my new neighbor to find how I compare to them and to find strengths, weaknesses, and potential targets for stealing technology. As I have been doing this, I felt it a bit unrealistic ... to simply uproot all my spies from one place, put them all on a mammouth sized greyhound bus and cart them off to another zone. If I were to do this on earth, my enemies would definitely take notice of the spybus leaving and arriving. So, here's my two suggestions for consideration:

#1 - Installing and extracting spies has a chance of the spy dieing (what % I don't know)

#2 - Instaling and extracting spies has some sort of expense associated with it.

This may help with the feeling that spies are OP.
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03-31-2017, 07:07 AM (This post was last modified: 03-31-2017 07:08 AM by jared71.)
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RE: Balancing Spies
My suggestion with spies is to have two modes under game configuration:

Normal spy mode. Things work as they are now.

Limited spy mode: Knowledge only.

1. Spies can still give the graph reports they do now. (basic result)

2. Spies cannot do anything to directly affect enemy. There is no stealing research, blowing up ships, stealing leaders or blowing up planetary structures.

3. Spies can: (Advanced result) - Military spying - learn the location of all enemy fleets and the weapons each ship has. Just like an allied view for one turn.

4. Spies can: (Advanced result) - Colony spying - Show the population and size of all planets. Such as a allied view for one turn.

5. Spies can: (Advanced result) - Research - Show all the research an enemy has completed. Perhaps just for one tree type if this is too powerful.

Perhaps these knowledge results can be mixed in with the normal spying mode.
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